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  1. Those are some really beautiful pics of the game! Allen
  2. Try using "Drop My Rights" with your browser. That fools any malware into thinking you are a limited user ( when you log on as a administrator) and makes it harder to do serious damage. Just google "Drop My Rights" to find the executable.
  3. New updater worked for me as well. Thanks!!
  4. I'm getting the same error as Ben. Ive tried several times with no luck.
  5. Glad it was no worse than your description!!
  6. Thanks for the hint! I can't believe I didn't think of that! I haven't completed the scenario yet,but I will use your advice!I like the expanded HUD map, although I haven't gotten reading the map down to a science(zooming instinctively where appropriate), but the changes make the FPS portion more enjoyable.Practice will take care of that.
  7. I've played IA0112 with your tactics in hand. They work pretty good. As far as my first pass at what's wrong with the "feel", I have two observations. First, when I use the IVM view, I have no info displayed. I've lost my tracking(distance) info and I also can't shoot in this view, as I have no crosshairs. When I switch back using #1, I can't see so I don't know where to shoot. Secondly, when I select a target and it's displayed on the HUD map, oftentimes the symbol overlaps the supply station or the DJP. Again, I lose my tracking info because I'm unable to read it if its overlaping. In the midst of a firefight, I don't want to try to figure out how to see this info (I need to concentrate on staying alive). I hope to add more assesments later.
  8. Target dots in the HUD map. I Like. That's a more intuitive feature I think. I don't think the HUD has too much info. Again, I'm not a FPS person, but I love lot's of info, so I think that's OK!
  9. Can't top Prez's response. I'm not a FPS person, but I think his description of the FPS portion is quite good. He gave a really good summation. If the "feel" could be improved, the FPS portion would be more intuitive.
  10. Just tried it! I'm impressed! For the number of craft in this scenario, my framerate wasn't bad( 11fps-33fps). I had plenty of audio cues to add to the chaos of inbound missiles, PTA fire, and main gun fire. This rocks!!
  11. Happy to hear from you SC. It's got to be a bummer to see that destruction first hand (as in living it).
  12. Add -Microsoft Antispyware -SpywareBlaster -EasyCleaner -ToolBarcop -Taskmaster -EULAlyzer These are all neat programs.
  13. It's detailed in the manual on how to determine where to land. As the old saying goes, it's all in the details!
  14. I reapplied 1.00.05 with no luck. I did not change any graphic options. I'll keep my thinking cap on!
  15. The jump to hyperspace Fx is not being displayed in version 1.00.05. I've checked several instant action scenario's as well as a roam game. This affects all crafts that I have observed.
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