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Found 1 result

  1. A LADMK1 can destroy any vehicle, aircraft or building within range, but a ZS10 or ZS12 assault rifle cannot damage any of them even though both use Type 3 clips? For that matter, no first person weapon other than rocket launchers or grenades can damage non-infantry targets. The type of tracer used in Type 3 clips is useful only to alert the enemy where you are versus helping you to see where your rounds are striking? The only weapon that provides tracer rounds that the person firing them can actually see is the aforementioned LADMK1. Even if you use the 3rd person view when firing the M310, SP911, ZS10, and ZS12 the individual tracers are very difficult to see. The GLE22 and ZS10 in grenade launcher mode cannot project a grenade further than you can throw it by hand? In fact, the grenades projected by those two have a range that is much less than what you can do by hand. (To be precise, the grenades projected by a grenade launcher arm and blow up just out of self-inflicted-wound range.) The MK330 and PX42 machine guns have no tracers, nothing beyond iron sights, and horrendous scatter for each round after the first. There's no way that you can engage a point target (even when prone) at ~800m which is within the capabilities of mid 20th century machine guns.
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