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Could somebody explain to me why the FPS doesn't go up after a while?

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Hiya, I was playing the latest version as an insurgent this also happens to me on every other type of caste, I will be fighting for a while, or just on a long trip and the FPS goes down, I don't know why, I can see it during a battle, and when it goes down it goes down, I mean we are talking 1 or 2 fps, I am planning on getting a 3d card this christmas and my computer meets the miniam specs, anyway I was just wondering why no matter what I do it doesn't go back, I can turn off the computer, go back into save game still low fps, I can start a new game have high FPS go try that game with nothing is happening no increase at all, I tried every docking, flying around, the only thing havn't done is set the auto-destruck on.

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Hi Silence, are you plaing freeflight mode Insurgent or ACM script that Gallion wrote? If you are playin AMC fps will drop dramatically from time to time, even with 3D card, not to mention without it and minimum specs. Good news is that it usually will go up after awhile. There shouldn't be that much drops in freelight, but as you said you don't have 3D card and ......

BTW try 2.08 (or lower) version you may lose something but fps may increase.


Cmdr Jason Cloud

GCV Silver Lining, GENESIS (Moon)

26 Squadron Commander, 2nd squadron

Prime fleet, Gamma Wing

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