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wierd issues with 2.09 and my computer?

Guest Hellbinder[CE]

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Guest Hellbinder[CE]

I have a feeling that this is due to some wierd issue with my Kyro2's VESA support. I thought I would kick out the issue anyway, maybe someone else has had a similar issue. I am also wondering if anyone thinks that Scitech Display doctors unversal VESA driver might fix it.

my system

Win 98 256mb ram

Intel I815EEA motherboard

Prophet 4500 Kyro2

At seeming random times when one of these events happens the game will quit to my desktop with no error messages. usually after at least 30 min of play more like an hour.

-entering or exiting a hyperjump

-entering or exsiting a starbase

-starting a battle with enemy ships


Also entering planetfall will sometimes glitch up. I will end up outside the planet after the planetfall sequence and not be abble to move.

I have had to start over 5 times now. becase usually once it glitches up it crashes a lot from then on.

I am aware that this is most likely due to my current video card. I am not familiar with how the VESA support works. I sure wish I had a Voodoo card

Anyone know where I can find a universal OpenGL/D3D Glide wrapper?

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I don't know the cure, but as for error message, edit your shortcut so that it doesn't close after exiting, that way you get the error message and maybe someone can help you.

And if you were planning to use OpenGL/D3D Glide wrapper with bc3k, I can only tell you that it won't work, sry.

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Same problem (during play I jump back to desktop, but it don't take me 30 mins, more like 5) but I got the system dump!

Here's the error:

BC3KWIN caused an invalid page fault in

module BC3KWIN.EXE at 016f:004c304f.


EAX=00000000 CS=016f EIP=004c304f EFLGS=00010206

EBX=00c40000 SS=0177 ESP=00c5f524 EBP=00c5f578

ECX=01db3550 DS=0177 ESI=818b6dec FS=2eff

EDX=00001002 ES=0177 EDI=00000000 GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:

8b 48 04 81 e1 00 00 00 20 85 c9 75 07 33 c0 e9

Stack dump:

00000000 818b6dec 00c40000 00000000 818b6dec 00c40000 88c94630 818b6dec ffc76a44 00c40000 0069532f 00c40000 818b6dec 00000000 000007ab aef4e420

I updated my config.sys to exactly as suggested the in the FAQ. No drivers are being loaded into DOS. Here's the DOS setup:

Conventional: 640K Used: 63K Free: 577K

Extended (XMS) 65,528K Free: 227, 904K

Free Expanded (EMS): 16M

Largest executable program size: 577K

Largest free upper memory block: 0K

MS-DOS is resident in the high memory area.

Here's my system:

Microsoft Windows 98 4.10.2222 A

AuthenticAMD AMD Duron


VIA/S3G KM400/KN400 Video card

How can I expand the 577K to over 600K (is that the problem??)?


Reyth [email protected]

Registered User

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Well, to dig up a post from 2001 you certainly have been researching. However, it has been so long since I ran BC3K I barely remember anything.

The FAQ http://www.3000ad.com/downloads/bc3k/bc3kfaq.html is still available.

Since you feel that your free memory may be an issue the only thing that sticks in my mind is that you put your win98 disc in and let it autostart. Then you choose browse. Then you have to hunt for the OLDDOS (or something) folder and find a program called makemem.bat. That may help. If it does not help your are stuck with tracking down driver issues I beleive.

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Ya well, the FAQ says the more over 600K largest program size the better.

That refers to the BC3000AD.exe version of BC3K.

BC3KWIN.exe is a true windows version.

What happens if you try the BC3000AD.exe version?

Run it from the BC3K.bat shortcut.

Oh yeah,be sure to run Setup.exe first to configure sound.

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