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For the ancients... a few memories

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A few of you older vets might remember some of this stuff but here you guys go:

Ancient screenshots of the one and only 3d cockpit in a BC game.... plus a few other things


and for those who go back this far.... BC3020AD


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Ah, 3020...I wish I had that beta Strik Pak still, that was a blast to play, even if it didn't have enemies...or turbolifts...complete decks...doors...

Yeah, that was a blast!

Seeing that BC pic reminds of when I first took by CC down to a planet in BCMG...I found myself looking for landing gear...*sighs happily*. Sometimes it's not what's there, but you wish was, that makes The Game so much more enjoyable...

(edit: Whoo-hoo! 200 posts! I'm a real oldie-timer now! Man, it's great to be back!)

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Originally posted by almostpilot:

3D cockpits are so cool !!! I don,t understand why the new games don┬┤t use it.

Thanks for screenshots !!!!!

Do a search as it has been covered before. The quick and dirty of it was BC3K only used 3 types of craft, meaning Derek only had to make 3 3D cockpits. When BCM came along, that number jumped astronomically, as each craft type had several classes of crafts. There is no way Derek could have made individual cockpits for each craft and still make his target ship date. Given the fact that those cockpits didn't do anything for the overall game play, they were not implemented.

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