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BC:M Game Goals

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Originally posted by Grayfox:

on mars... no one can hear you scream... unless you do it in a commlink or something... or if they find a way of creating atmosphere on mars so sound could travel thru the air.

LOL...I can just see it now....


CMDR: "Man I'm glad we got rid of those stupid prisoners, they were starting to stink."

COMMS: "Sir we have an incoming transmission from the prisoners we beamed down to Mars, shall I put it over the loudspeakers sir?"

CMDR: "*sigh* yeah sure, maybe this time they'll have something half intelligent to say."


*com channel cuts*

CMDR: "Well I guess that answers my question. Next time I'm just gonna shoot them."


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Upgrade this ship to its best and conquer or destroy anyone in my way. Hey I am a merc and a gammulan but I still got the the whole gammulan fleet backing me up. Go where others fear to tread? I'm there, this is a warship not a exploration vessel.

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