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How to mine?

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When I myself fly a shuttle to a planet I can deploy the mining drone to mine some minerals.

So far so good.

But when I order a pilot to fly the shuttle, I can't get him to deploy the mining drone ...

How can I do that? I'm sure somebody has done this before...

Thx, BeWalt

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Guest Grayfox

you have to go into tacops, and set the waypoints for the shuttle. i usually set 3. the first waypoint will be set and the waypoint orders will be "proceed to next", the second waypoint will be set with the orders "deploy drone", and the third will be return to base. you can change what the shuttle does at each waypoint by clicking on the box in the lower right... by default it says proceed to next.

when you click on it, itll open a window with a whole bunch of orders for you craft to preform at the waypoint you selected.

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Two waypoints suffice for me. 1 with proceed to next, one to deploy drone. If you give them no other orders after that, they automatically RTB after.

And might I suggest mining some of the moons in Uranus or Saturn's subregions...because I get good hauls worth big bucks from those two...depending on which moon.

My crew wears diamond and platinum like they're Walmart costume jewelry.


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You need only one waypoint. What I do :

1 - Enter atmoshphere with CC, stop (VTOL)

2 - Go in tacops, set wpt "deploy drone" for each shuttle somewhere near behind the CC (200-300 meters)

3 - Launch shuttles

They will deploy and rtb automatically. Time spent < 1 min.

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just to add my two cents, I also use one waypoint, however I stay in space and use tacops to observe the planet (or moon, usually moon) surface. I pick a region to the far left of the surface map, centered, so as I can find my drones later ( ) and set one waypoint for each shuttle to deploy drone. Launch them all, they'll make a quick run and deploy and return automatically, and I'm free to clear the space region of hostilitys

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Guest MIKE113

Actually you don't need to know where they are once deployed.Just go to Tacops, click on zoom to icon,pick planet or moon you left them on and then click Observe. Use zoom to again and click on support units and it will list your drones.click on one of your drones and it willzoom to it. From there just make a waypoint anywhere in the area for each shuttle and order retrieve drone. It is actually easier for me to do that than it was to type all this!.....

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When I collect mining drones, I have my AE go to a shuttle, fly to the drone location and land.

I then Retrieve a drone, unload it and Deploy it. I do this for all four drones.

I then fly the shuttle to the nearest station and sell the minerals. I don't worry about intruders this way and it is quicker too. I usually pick up any needed supplies to take back to my Battlecruiser.

Meanwhile, my stupid crew stays on the surface (safely) gaining brains.

Before I head to the station, I will set a waypoint for the shuttle my AE is in so when I leave the station I can planetfall right over my Battlecruiser.

[ 03-29-2002, 10:55: Message edited by: Captain X ]

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Uh oh!

BeWalt.... fix your sig dude! You need to put your sys profile in it!

Just a friendly reminder.

Ya dont need youe sys profile in your sig anymore unless you post in tech support.. But its a good idea to have it in there anyways..


For the mining (just to be on topic) I just use one wp per shuttle telling em to deploy drones. The shuttles then jump to the planet, 'blow their load' then they come back and I go plunder or somethin'.

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