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BC3K faq - teaches basic battlecruiser gameplay too!

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This is for all the n00bs that can't get into a BC game on there own, or are put off by the steep learning curve. If you read it all the way through, download BC3K and do the tutorials you will have a solid understanding of BC basics that can be ported to BCM as well. Dunno about UC though cuz I have not played it yet... Anyway, if u n00bs have been looking for a way to get into the games then this is good to teach u not only the basics of controlling the game (BC3K, BCM has more stuff that you will need to read the manual for) but also how the game is played so you can access the excellent gameplay behind the steep learning curve. The faq has one boon for veterans as well - an acronym list ! Here is the url: http://www.capsu.org/bc3k/..

Before SC is angered over this, you also need to READ THE MANUAL before you play.

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