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Battlecruiser Millennium FREEWARE

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does anyone has this patch or version 2.09 i cant imagine that noone has it please answer me write it post it help it o ups help MEEEE !!!! AARRRGGGHHH ;-)

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So after trying another ship in a new game (the Warmonger ICV Osprey), the cannons seem to work fine, so the problem has to be with the Firestorm.

I'm still not certain about how to get the engine and reactor upgrades to work; the upgrades I bought seem to be no different from the basic levels. It's too that bad people here are too uptight to help new users.

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There was nothing wrong with Firestorms cannons compared to other ships canons the last time I played BCM. It's a lucky shot to hit a fighter with capital ships canons. Think about trying to hit a mosguito with a rifle. PTA's are effective enough against fighters, so you can consentrate on bigger targets.

Engine and reactor upgrades work if you have installed them. The difference between basic and upgrades is in the fuels consumption. Upgrades use less radine.

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I find it a little odd that a Numega engine and the basic one allow the Firestorm to accelerate to roughly the same speeds. I haven't made enough money yet with my Warmonger to buy one (I always end up destroying ships instead of disabling them, so I haven't towed any in to New America), but I'll see how it works when I do buy an engine upgrade. Hull/armor and shield upgrades seem to work fine, though.

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Guest Elite007

When you kill capital ship they normally leave behind cargo you can pick and sell. Have your shuttles pick cargo it greatest I make money. Never was much in to trading.

Though I'm having a problem of doing land assault. I can not get my men to show up on my screen. There are bases that assualted earlier that still show up plus firendly bases and there stuff. It a real problem for me when trying to to plan assault. when I can see my assets and personal. Seems to to many item that show up that overload my area of operation with junk I don't what to see that 3000k away. Anyone have a solution to this problem.

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My questions:

I cannot open the pdf-manual files in the bcm 10903 free bundle.

1. Is there another source for these files?

2. Are the files mentioned below valid for the bcm 10903 version?

3. If not, where can I get them?

4. If yes, is there an additional source which works faster?

Thanking you in advance for your patience.



Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

It looks like I forgot to include the PDF manuals in the install script. ooops

I have sent them to 3DGamers and should be posted
later today. If you just extract the archive into the game folder, the two PDF files will go into the DOCS folder and the shortcuts will work correctly.

EDIT: 3DGamers have their mirror up now. The others should follow suit shortly.

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