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Thomas Siemens

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No offense intended.. but I'm under the impression that if you don't have a valid registration that you couldn't really get involved in any tech support, but also join any fleets. Or has that been changed? Or am I just a confused little Command Sargeant

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Technically, you are right.

OTOH you have to put the valid registration, i.e. System Profile Information, into you signature. Otherwise, you risk being banned (for life). Old rules was: no proof of a valid registration -> no tech support. New rule is: no proof of a valid registration -> no board writing at all!

No offence taken...

Best regards

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Note to Quartermaster:

Requisition for BCMG


My old BCM reg number doesn't work anymore, so I can't get into the registration database to change anything or add my specs to my sig.

As for UC, I can't even think about getting it until I upgrade my system with the muscle needed to run it.

Looks like my 2 year old Dell and I are going out the airlock.

It was fun while it lasted.


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Tough situation - with BCM, you own a legit copy of the game. You are also an old timer around here AFAIK. I would guess that you are not the typcial clientel the SC wants to warn, and eventually ban.

Maybe you write a short PM to the SC, and ask for clarification?

Btw., a two year old computer should be able to run BCMG w/o any problems at all - if you see it somewhere, get a copy. It's worth it.

Best regards

[ 05-23-2004, 01:40 PM: Message edited by: Gudihl ]

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Wolferz, you need a system that can run that game?

Hmmm.. I'm getting a new system soon. And the only thing I'm going to Salvage from this current system is one Hard Drive

Would you be interested in getting this system with only one 186 GB drive? Among other thing's of course =)

GeForce FX 5900

Audigy 2 ZS

1 GB of Ram

Ethernet Card

Two CD rom drives (recordable)

One floppy drive

P4 3.047

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we all knows that Prime Fleet has not be very active lately (or we should say not at all) but still we're valued and proud members of this community, forum and of course of the older fleet around: Prime Fleet.

Your sig is your uniform and as Executive Officer it is my duty to ensure that uniforms of the fleet's personnel are kept in prime shape, always straight, shining clean and most of all strictly adherent to the rules.

You can take as example mine and the one of the Fleet Leader Kalshion.

Please check your sig and make sure you can be proud of it. Any question here, thanks.

Don't make me come after you... I can assure one thing: you'll regret it more than you can think.

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