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Thomas Siemens

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Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason:

i'd like anyone still here to post again please.

I'm still here


i alreayd hunted the bunny wabits for you

Good job Commander!

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I know...

but I saw that people check only their own wing news, and sometimes not the general Prime Fleet pinboard.

Also, it is a discussion about the whole Prime Fleet website, so also Beta is in it!

And since it is getting clear that Fan websites will become more and more important in the future, I think that every single member of Prime Fleet, and then Beta Wing members too, should participate to its discussion.

The fact that the topic name has started from the restructuring of Delta Wing pages does not mean that it is only for those wing members (Delta is in brakets).

I was trying to get every Prime Fleet member's attention.

If you (other admin or SC himself) feel that this announcement should not be posted here, please let me know, and I will delete it immediatly.

But once more, since the development of good fan sites (The new forum homepage and Prime Fleet among them) is, on my opinion, a very important issue, I think it was a good idea to post that announcement here.

Sorry if I was wrong.

See you in space.

[ 12-21-2001: Message edited by: Stephanos ]

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Thanks cmdr!

I do think that your opinion on the subject will be greatly apreciated. We need the help of every commader of Prime Fleet, and if it comes from high ranks then it is much more important.

The more people we get involved in this, the better Prime Fleet HQ homepage will look.

Hope to hear soon from you on Prime's pages!

See you in space!

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