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Prime Fleet Roll Call

Thomas Siemens

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Let me first start with reporting back in. Been away for week and a half. Sorry for no notice.

/RP Had to stay cloaked for the whole time being. ... Green as ZÔÇÖtar Ka-Hi of the Kandorian Military and bald as Starfire if you know what I mean. So better not come close ... RP/

(feeble attempt to hide he has absolutly no excuse at all)

I've been wondering about the folowing thing quite some time.Here's an excerpt of an email I got that says something about it:


Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 16:05:07 -0800 (PST)

Subject: Communication from Supreme Commander Smart

From: Supreme Commander Smart

Justin has finished with the Fleet DB modification.

The Fleet DB now has the ability to send email to ALL members of a fleet.

Only Fleet Commanders have this ability which is accessible via the Send Comms

link in the fleet menu tab.

Personnel with admin Security Level 4 access also have the ability to send

email to ALL members of ALL fleets.

Fleet Commanders, ensure that the email addresses for all members are up to

date if you intend on using this facility. Commanders with invalid email addresses

will not receive email notification.

Supreme Commander

After this I got emails from several fleets as if I was part of them. Appearantly my adress wasn't filtered correclty from the database or something. But that's not my point. My point is, why don't we have an email comm-line like this? That way we could notify every used-to-be-active member of a roll-call coming up and tell them they're put on the side track if they don't show up.

[ 08-09-2001: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]

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Guest Remo Williams

I dont mean to be hounding you newbies about your sigs, but I have noticed that they don't conform to the standard that the SC set for all the fleets.

BCfreak13 like I posted in the RP forum Gamma Wing doesnt use a quote. If you really like your quote, and want to keep it get Cmdr. Badgerius to approve it, and will all use it. Also your sig should look like this

Cmdr. Maddox

GCV-HarkRader, GENESIS(Moon)

Prime Fleet, Gamma Wing, 2nd Squadron

Cmdr Badgerius if I'm wrong about the sig format just let me know.

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Prime Fleet - New Roll Call!


Please report in within the next week. This is urgent!

Those who are not reporting in will be removed from the Fleet DB, which will close up registration on 2001-10-15. You have been warned!

Oh, if some of you know of a fellow commander who is on vacation or the likes, please report in for him/her. Thanks.

Best regards.

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Guest LORD_DrDeathhand

Hello Again

LORD_DrDeathhand is reporting in as usual.

I hope we will be able to begin our missions very soon, and I hope that the fully released version of Bc3000Mil will work on my comp, LOLLS I have not been able to run the demo version so I have no idea what it looks like I have tried, ohhh I have tried, but it just will not work on my comp, ARGGGGGGG.

HAhahaha, well Il just wait and see what the full version will do on my comp, and I will be praying to the LORD GOD almighty that it works

So again LORD_DrDeathhand is reporting in for duty.

GReetingss from LORD_DrDeathhand

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Guest Remo Williams

Welcome back Cmdr. Stiever. Report into your Wing Leader in the Epsilon Wing thread. He will help you with your sig and give you your assignment within your wing.

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