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Fleet Wars

Cmdr Nova

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Ah, got there before me I see. Oh well, never mind.


Ok ladies, lets saddle up. War is comming - our war - and the one thing we always done good round here is talk a good fight. Well, now it's time to fight a good fight. I know we're the best. You know your the best. Only problem is, those other muppets think they better than us. You seen those Bunnies talk? Saying they gonna get themselves some Lemming hides? Hell no they aint - not on my watch.

All commanders who own and have patched BCMG shout long and hard here about it. You will be counted, acknowledged and put into operational rotation. Those that have yet to purchase BCMG - consider yourselves in drydock.

Greg, Im assuming you have your copy all sorted out and patched. Im going to need you to take the helm at certain stages as it's likely I will be unable to attend some engagements due to the transatlantic whatsamathingie. I know you're upto it.

Nova, consider yourself promoted to 3IC for recent activities and keeping the home fires burning during senior staff's absense. You're also being charged with the developement and deployment of the NEW Supremacy Battle Group.

Please excuse the above dodgy wording, im on medication currently and Im a bit screwy. All orders stand however.

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