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Handbook, Battle Group Deployment, Organization

Cmdr Nova

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Handbook - Screen Version (Low Res: 77k)

Handbook - Print Version (High Res: 380k)

With the latest version of The Handbook, I came across a few things that should be noted.

[*]The Battle Group Deployment Timetable is basically thrown out the window

[*]The Battle Groups are "stacked".

[*]Half of the fleet personnel have some sort of Officer rank or special role in the fleet.

Key problem is that we have 35 people in the fleet. 18 listed as active, 17 MIA. 2 Battle Groups with 4 people, one with 2 people, two with only 1, then 2 in the IMB, 2 cadets in the ACADEMY + Badger, and then Darien Wolfe doing that solo special ops thing with Shadow Company. We're spread thin.

Back in the day, it used to be we grouped everyone by time zone. But with this 4-5 Battle Group arrangement, I beleve perhaps we should also prioritize equal division of the fleet between Battle Groups. Or, to re-organize the fleet, or to specialize the battle groups more.

Naturally, most of this organization only applies in an RP context, considering the lack of availability of online play and our personnel getting online.

Just think about it for a while. I have three weeks, lol.

PS - I noticed the www.orionfleet.com domain is registered to one of those cheap-ass little ad companies until April 2004. Having trouble?

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Originally posted by Cmdr Nova:

PS - I noticed the
domain is
until April 2004. Having trouble?

Why don't you guys register OrionFleet.net or OrionFleet.org? What does it cost, 20 bucks to register a name these days?

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You don't understand the situation. It's our domain, or was.

And Blades handles that, anyway.

And change your avatar. That's Blades's personal avatar. Hell, the avatar selection page says, "Do NOT select someone else's custom (has same name as their forum name) avatar!!".

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orionfleet.net will shortly be available. It should have been up last week, but my domains guy didnt get round to registering it. As for the avatar thing, I asked you a few weeks ago to change it and I thought that your would do so on good faith. I have also noticed someone else using that avatar as well (Forget the name now).

Im going to ask nicely one last time, then Im going to take this directly to Derek. Please dont let it come to that.

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