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Cmdr Nova

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Primarily in response to this thread:

I suppose it's time I tendered my resignation. I've been inactive enough to be administratively retired anyway, right? Might as well make it official.

I may pop up in an RP or something as a fleetmember, but I've definitely been lacking time to work on actual organization or MP.

I miss the heyday of the fleet, the RPs, ActiveWorlds (Epsilon 5, Silk, and I were newbies then), the old Orion forum, the newer forum that Blades set up when this one was full of drama. It's been a marvelous run serving with you guys. ;x

I'll stop in every so often, as I've been doing (I tend to read up on happenings every few weeks). I think you guys will do just fine with this baby.

Until then, fellas.

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