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New History of Markus Korivak


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This is a revised version of my original application to ISS with a totally new history.

Name: Markus Korivak

Age: 34

Fleet: ISS

Wing: Defense

Flight Group: FG Sol

Command: GCV Norfolk

Assignment: Patrol of Sol System

Physical Description: Tall and almost ridiculously thin (6'1", 125 lbs). Thick black hair kept short, heavy eyebrow (meets in the middle), heavy facial bone structure, small black goatee and piercing blue eyes make him look slightly creepy, but smiles easily and often when comfortable. Quiet, reserved, and a bit of a misanthrope, but always fair and kind. Wears simple black clothes while off duty. Moves with speed, purpose, and silence. Has a habit of pacing and bouncing his knee, and can often be found walking from one end of the ship to the other, which he jokingly refers to as "long distance pacing". Is rarely serious, being sarcastic and light hearted at any chance, but when the situation is critical, he goes about fixing it with hardly any display of doubt, panic, or indecision.

Beliefs, Values, and Morals: Largely agnostic, strongly against highly organized religion, but lives by the ancient Pagan law known as the Wiccan Reed, "An it harm none, do what you will" (the 'An' is not a typo for 'and', it means 'If'). Values logic, reason and efficacy, but also strongly values a human side of things, and is friendly and kind at all times. He hates corruption, suppression of a nation of people, rebellion without cause, and random violence, making him a diligent warrior against Raiders, Gammulans, the Insurgents, and all other enemies of Earth and GALCOM (in that order). Joined the military because he feels that it is the best way to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, maintain order, and improve the lives of those around him. Values creativity and humour, impatient with people who take things too seriously.

History: Markus Korivak was born on Earth in 2976 in the city of Norfolk, Virginia. His father, Karl Korivak, was a man of the sea, working as on fishing and transport ships, and Markus followed in his footsteps. In 2988, an Insurgent cell bombed Norfolk Harbour, killing thousands, including Karl Korivak and his wife, Natalie Korivak, who was going down to meet him after three months at sea. As the Insurgents had hoped, Norfolk Harbour was ruined, and would take years of work and billions of credits to repair and replace all the ships, buildings, cranes, etc. Instead, all the shipping that had once gone to Norfolk was spread across the other harbours on the east coast, and Markus Korivak was out of a job. Instead of moving to another port town without his family, he left Earth and got a job with a transport ship doing short runs from Earth to the other inhabited planets in the solar system with finished goods, and then back with raw materials. He learned fast and eventually replaced the captain when he retired in 3004. Two years later, the ship, renamed by Korivak to UCV Norfolk, was attacked by Insurgent Raiders near Pluto. The ship and most of the crew were lost, with only Korivak and two others reaching a crippled shuttle in time. A pair of ISS ships, hearing Korivak's distress call, attacked the Insurgent raider at the jump point, destroying it. One of the ISS ships then rescued the crippled shuttle and took Korivak and his surviving crew back to GALCOM HQ, where Korivak immediately signed up for military service. After four years of training, Korivak became a rookie Commander and joined ISS in honour of their service to him.

Benefits and Faults:

B1: Gets along with most of the crew because of his laid back, humorous nature. Never gives orders, just suggestions that are followed out of respect. Always fair and kind.

F1: Some of the crew and several of his superiors dislike his style of leadership, his slight impatience with pointless politics, and his shy, misanthropic personality.

B2: Intelligent, creative, and calm. Never panics.

F2: Appears aloof, weak, and cold to some.

B3: Loves Earth, defending her from attacks from criminals, Insurgents, and enemy infiltrators. Doesn't mind staying at home and defending while others are out on conquests.

F3: Dislikes heavy combat deep within enemy territory. Will follow orders if needed, but would rather defend the weak and innocent than attack.

B4: Incorruptible defender of the innocent.

F4: Feels mercy for Insurgents and enemy races when they are not actively attacking him. Wishes that he didn't have to fight and kill them, but he does have to, so he does it anyways. Strongly against attacking civilian populations and using more force than is necessary to disarm and weaken the enemy.

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