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282nd Special Ops Fighter Squadron

Jerold Keenan

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I was looking through the old forums and I found a mention of the 282nd Special Ops Fighter Squadron supposedly assigned to the CIOPS wing (see post: ISS Fleet Fighter Command).

If this squadron is still going to be formed it might be a good idea to move Shaddox into it (so I can keep an eye on him). And this way, it won't be so confusing with all that primarily 41st EFS and secondarily CIOPS.

DeSylva, tell me what you think...

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As I said, I'm re-examining the structure of the ISS and CIOPS. What I'm essentially planning is to break the fleet down into two main areas - role-playing and multi-playing. Multiplayers we'd place in the Defence command, and role-players into the Intelligence and Espionage command. As a result, CIOPS would be included in Intelligence and Espionage.

The Defence Command will then be broken into Wings. Two Wings will be located in Sol, one in Alpha Centauri and one in Omicron Eridani. (The second wing in Earth will be deployable). I'll post a more refined structure to the mailing list.

The Intel & Espionage Command wouldn't have defined ship numbers, and there'd be more freedom for players to role-play any particular role, from commander to janitor. Ship numbers in the Defence Command would be more structured, for multiplayer and eventually, GCO multiplayer.

As a result, Nathan needs to decide whether he is going to be part of the Defence Command (multiplayer) or the Intel and Espionage Commansd (role-playing). I'm willing to allow crossovers from I&E to multiplay, but we really need dedicated multiplayers ready for BCM's multiplayer patch. If Nathan is going to be multiplaying, I'd probably assign him to one of the Earth Wings. You'd simply request his service when you needed them.

I'm also going to introduce new duties for the head of both Defence Command and I&E command.

I'm trying to really simplify our fleetb structure because we simply don't have the numbers to support a complicated deployment or an extensive chain of command.

Under this structure, I'm considering placing you, Jerold, as the head of ISS Intelligence and Espionage Command, and Nick as head of ISS Defence Command. I'vbe made this decision because I know Nick is really spoiling for some multiplayer action and he's had a lot of experience with multiplayer games - I think he'd be more suited in the Defence Command than Intel and Espionage, where he is now. Of course, I'm open to negotiation.

Our previous Fleet Command - Commanders Ristar, Tringad, and Zwycky - will be placed on extended leave and transferred into the Inactive roster in the database until they have more time to commit to the fleet. I'm not deleting them, because the fleet owes them a great deal and they've been instrumental in setting the fleet up - the ISS wouldn't have survived the early days without these three individuals. They'll always have positions to return to.


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