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ISS Fleet Structure

Jerold Keenan

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Seeing that the ISS fleet is being restructured i've made this image based on one I found in an old forum post.

It's basically just the structure of the ISS fleet. Jamont, you should take the image and modify the Defence half as you think it should be...

However DeSylva will get to decide whether or not this is the structure thats going to be used, he may have other idea's as to how ISS will be structured!


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Could be Geocities. Many web servers not allowing off-site linking.

[ 10-02-2001: Message edited by: Tac ]

There u go. its on my cable modem server

[ 10-02-2001: Message edited by: Tac ]

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Nice work , seems ok to me.

i will change it as soon as we get more members.

And fleet commander desylva , how about promoting me to vice fleet leader eh !

I could take on the role of both wing leader and vice fleet leader for now.

it would rock , and when iss is bigger again i can give my rank of wing leader defence to someone very good.

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okay, wanna know? This is one excerpt of something that happened recently. Will give you an idea. (my chat file is 550k...)


(guardian is one of my bots)

"Jerold Keenan": Guardian, you are a studid, rusty no good impersonation of K-9!... and i hope you fall to pieces on your next refit!

"Jerold Keenan": yeah

"Jerold Keenan": dumb bot

"Jerold Keenan": i hate bots

"Jerold Keenan": they remind me of droidiens

Epsilon 5: so?


"Jerold Keenan": ok, enough of that

"Jerold Keenan": droidiens remind me of the Borg

Epsilon 5:

"Jerold Keenan": the Borg remind me of my mother

Epsilon 5: LOL!

"Jerold Keenan": who reminds me of my father

"Jerold Keenan": who reminds me of South Park (Because He keeps saying "Repect my Authoritar"

"Jerold Keenan": )

"Jerold Keenan": who reminds me of cartman

"Jerold Keenan": who reminds me of my brother (65 kilos and in grade 6)

Epsilon 5: lol

"Jerold Keenan": who annoys the heck out of me

"Jerold Keenan": stupid bot

[Guardian]: Same to you, "Jerold Keenan"

Epsilon 5: here we go again...

"Jerold Keenan": %&*ing dumb $#@ dog!

"Jerold Keenan": Epsilon 5, howa bout we play.... heh heh... kick the can...

"Jerold Keenan": where can we find a can?

"Jerold Keenan": i know...

Epsilon 5: lo;

"Jerold Keenan": oh Guardian?!?

Epsilon 5: lol

Epsilon 5: I can make a big can

"Jerold Keenan": hehehe

"Jerold Keenan": do you have to be a citizen to have bots?

Epsilon 5: can here

Epsilon 5: yes, because bots need your ppw

"Jerold Keenan": stupid bots...

[Guardian]: Same to you, "Jerold Keenan"

"Jerold Keenan": oiy YOU SHUDDUP!

"Jerold Keenan": SHUTTUP!

Epsilon 5: wanna play kick the can?

(used a large liquid tank that ressemble a can)

"Jerold Keenan": anything else he retaliates to?

"Jerold Keenan": like...

"Jerold Keenan": hehehe

"Jerold Keenan": sure

(delete the object)

"Jerold Keenan": hehehe

"Jerold Keenan": you kicked it so far it dissapeared

"Jerold Keenan": what a let down

Epsilon 5: lol

"Jerold Keenan": KICK THE CAN!

"Jerold Keenan": 5

"Jerold Keenan": 4

"Jerold Keenan": 3

"Jerold Keenan": 2

"Jerold Keenan": 1

Epsilon 5: eh

"Jerold Keenan": look up

Epsilon 5: LOL!

Epsilon 5: stuck up on the sky

"Jerold Keenan": where is the Orion space station located?

Epsilon 5: hmm Centris/Alpha Centauri, just at the other side of the Pluto Wormhole

"Jerold Keenan": and the wraith?

Epsilon 5: Lyrius, Sirius, the other side of Jupiter

"Jerold Keenan": hold your mouse over that dot in the sky... hehehe

(small dot, popping legend says : Starpath SS)

Epsilon 5: lol

Epsilon 5: you'll have to remove it

"Jerold Keenan": We need some STA missiles to do that

"Jerold Keenan": hehehe

Epsilon 5: STO

"Jerold Keenan": lets see

"Jerold Keenan": STO

"Jerold Keenan": right

"Jerold Keenan": missiles ready

"Jerold Keenan": mwuah hah hah hah

"Jerold Keenan": give the order commander?

Epsilon 5: huh

"Jerold Keenan": Edmund Duke: "All units fire at will!"

Epsilon 5: hehe

"Jerold Keenan": BANG!

("missile" deleted, "Starpath" object deleted)

"Jerold Keenan": Do you think Galcom will be mad?

Epsilon 5: hmm

Epsilon 5: not sure

Epsilon 5: potentially

"Jerold Keenan": I did afterall just blow up one of their stations

Epsilon 5: just

"Jerold Keenan": well

"Jerold Keenan": i just have to make sure their mad


Epsilon 5: director of ciops and you don't know?

"Jerold Keenan": ahhh... earth?

"Jerold Keenan": lucky guess?

Epsilon 5: fool... it's uranus!

"Jerold Keenan": bs

Epsilon 5: hehe

Epsilon 5: planning your evil deeds?

"Jerold Keenan": yes

"Jerold Keenan": need a bigger rocket

"Jerold Keenan": MUCH BIGGER

"Jerold Keenan": i think i've put enough naquidah in with the nuclear explosives to produce a chain reaction.... AND DESTROY THE UNIVERSE

Epsilon 5: I'll build a centaur later

Epsilon 5: huh?

"Jerold Keenan": centaur?

Epsilon 5: the biggest STO msl

Epsilon 5: 25k dmg

Epsilon 5: nlow your ass off in no time

Epsilon 5: blow

"Jerold Keenan": BIG COOKIE!

"Jerold Keenan": ALL DONE

Epsilon 5: no, mistake

Epsilon 5: wait

you see what I mean?

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Hey Nick, I don't mind if your VFC. But that's up to DeSylva. If he thinks youshould be the VFC he'll tell you, stick you up there on that ISS Structure thing, and give you security level 2 clearance.

However, we don't know what DeSylva's got in store for the structure of ISS... Up there's just my idea. DeSylva's version might not even have a VFC?

Don't get your hopes up, pal.

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I signed up for the defense wing, but I haven't been added to the database yet. Are all the people there active?

There's a lot of unassigneds up there...

[ 10-04-2001: Message edited by: Urza ]

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Unfortunatly, certain members have been unable to remain active due to their 'real life'. DeSylva said he was going to change the Fleet DB sometime in the next fortnight, those who are inactive will be moved into the inactive section and there will be only two wings from then on I&E and Defence.

Btw, im glad you decided to join up!

As Jamont would say:

"Welcome to the war!"

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