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Taking a vacation


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Sorry, I've been AWOL for a while. Happy Holidays and all that. My computer isn't working and I'm posting this on my dad's machine. Furthermore, I'll be in Miami this coming week. My flight leaves at 7 AM tommorow morning.

Best of all, this vacation is free! Yes, totally and completely without cost. Why, you ask? For those who don't already know, Maryland is going to the Orange Bowl. And the band (of which I'm a member) is going. In fact, the athletic department turned it into a lovely vaction package. What a better place to bring in the new year than one of America's warmest cities.

Really, I keep getting wowed at all this free stuff marching bands get. Being in the Ravens Band is like having a free season ticket every year, not to mention marching on the field at PSInet in front of over 68,000 people! (half of which are probably in the bathroom, getting snacks, etc.)

And working at the theatre means I get to see all the movies for free! Since it has 24 screens, all the American movies ever made end up going there at some point. (at least the ones worth seeing) The only downside is I have to work strange hours, like 12-8 on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (time and a half, btw), or 5pm-2am on Fridays.

But I digress. My new log file will be posted within the hour. As for the rest of you, take care, and have a happy new year.

EDIT: I think this would be better in the General Discussions Forum. Someone please move it.

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Wow, that was one hell of a good trip. I needed it too. My only complaint was that the team lost (the Gators just played better, in my opinion).

I'll be on the new boards shortly.

EDIT: My email will be down for a week or so, but I'll still be browsing these boards, so if there's something urgent to tell me, PM me. I should read it my the next day.

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