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**Briefing on recent events**

Jerold Keenan

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Briefing of recent events

By Jerold Ryan Keenan

Commander, Head of Intelligence Command


Alright DeSylva told me to make this for those ISS commanders who have been asleep for that past month, and haven’t been keeping up like a certain FC I know…*cough* *Jamont* *cough*, here is a little briefing to bring you up to speed.

1. The Supreme Commander banned Commander Epsilon 5 from the 3000ad forum, the reasons for which I will not mention in this briefing, and the SC, fed up with having to police us all the time decided he was going to close down the forums.

2. Most of the Fleet Commanders and Administrators got together and came up with the idea to create a new fan hub and forum to replace 3000ad… Starstation: Centron. Even now DeSylva and others continue to work on the site, the forum for the site is already up and can be found here: http://bcforum.i8i.co.uk/..

3. The SC has decided to give ‘Cadet’ Epsilon 5 another chance, and has reinstated his posting privileges, and has delayed the act of closing the 3000ad forums. Once Epsilon 5 has ‘graduated’ from the Orion academy I’m sure Blades will reinstate him as the Orion-Flight Group Destrier Wing Leader.

So Jamont? Still confused? Now hand over that BBQ sauce before I dunk you in acid! Heh heh heh…

Now, I don't want to see anymore posts in this forum unless it's for roleplaying or tech support? You can use the new BC Commander's Community Forum for everything else!

Keenan out.

[ 01-03-2002: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]

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