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ISS Site and Fleet Status

Jerold Keenan

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Alright people, listen up... We need to know how many of you all are still active, i'll tick you off from the list as you reply to this post, those who don't reply within an acceptable timeframe, shall most likely be removed from the fleet... I leave what is to be considered an acceptable amount of time to Fleet Commander Jamont.

Jamont, i'm going to see what I can do about the ISS Site... I've got a copy of it which I downloaded to help me with certain things, the roster etc. I'll be able to upload it, and we can use it until I've finished th new one we were working on... All the javascripting is done except for a few mistakes, I just need to fix them and draw all the buttons. Jamont see what you can do about perhaps getting a new news page, kind of like the one on our old site... that one wasn't working properly before the site went down, and I emailed DeSylva about it and got no reply.

Finally, for the roster page, I need the character info for all of you... here is an example of the kind of thing I'm looking for:

FULL NAME: Jerold Ryan Keenan

STATUS: Active


RANK: Commander

POSITION: Head of Intelligence Command

Wing Leader, Flight Group Chimaera

Commanding Officer, GCV-Myrmidon (Galactan-Class)

DATE OF BIRTH: 9th September 2976

PLACE OF BIRTH: London, England (EARTH - SOL)

DESCRIPTION: 6' 4.5", 95 kg, has dark brown/grey hair, beard and blue eyes.

HISTORY: Jerold Keenan was born in London, England on Earth. He went to St. PaulÔÇÖs school and graduated in the 98th percentile. Later he attended Galcom Academy (Mars) in the year 3003. Graduated from the academy in the 97th percentile on the 27th January 3009. Served on the Solnar-class GCV Delacroix as flight officer for two months until its destruction at the hands of pirates. The commander put him in for a promotion because of his skill as a pilot and was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Senior Grade. He later served on the GCV Dionysus as flight officer. During a patrol of the space around Pluto the GCV Dionysus picked up an SOS signal coming from a civilian cargo barge, under attack from pirates. The Dionysus intercepted the pirates and drove them off to Pluto. The Dionysus pursued them however the only sign of the ships once they reached Pluto was their wreckage on the planets surface. Commander Samuel Cain, Lieutenant Keenan and a squad of marines transported to the surface to inspect the wreckage. 2 squads of pirate troops ambushed them, and the Commander Cain was knocked unconscious and wounded. Lieutenant Keenan took command of the squad and with his help they managed to fight off the pirates. For his skill in combat Lieutenant Senior Grade Keenan was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was assigned as Combat Officer aboard the newly commissioned battlecruiser GCV Myrmidon. The first mission of the GCV Myrmidon was a patrol through the Polaris system. During the mission, the ship was ambushed by Insurgent vessels, and then boarded. Commander Henry Moneo and Lieutenant Commander Caitlin Vern were killed in a firefight in the bridge. After their deaths, Combat Officer Jerold Keenan took command and so the Myrmidon managed to reach Polaris-1. Local Galcom forces destroyed the pursuing Insurgent vessels. Because of the GCV Myrmidons lack of a Commander and because of how well Lieutenant Commander Keenan handled the situation, he was promoted to the rank of commander and made commanding officer of the GCV Myrmidon. In the late 3010 Jerold Keenan given the position of CIOPS director, which he held until the ISS fleet was later restructured in the year 3015. In 3015 Jerold Keenan was made head of Intelligence Command.

I'll be sending a message through the ISS Fleet mailing list, time to get our act together people!

Here is the list:

Ben Zwycky - Active

Harrison Salisbury - MIA

Reiner von Schaffen - MIA

Urza - Active

Melcar DeVaal - MIA

Jacen Shardik - MIA

Nick Jamont - Active

Jerold Keenan - Active

Gareth DeSylva - On Leave

Jeehun Ristar - MIA

Roberto - Active

Jared Denarim - Active

Rip - Active

Cur - MIA

Cedric Boseman - Active

Nimitz Adams - MIA

Michael Shaddox - Active

And all other special personnel are active Jamont.

[ 09-23-2002, 04:46 PM: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]

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Alright, i've a prototype version of the new site online at geocities... I've fixed up all the frames and html junk so it looks okay. It is currently using the old news page, no that looks a little off... and right now the only page working is the news one.

Here's the link, comments, good or bad please.


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Jesus bloody Christ... I can't belive this!

30 days!?! A MONTH!!! And still NOBODY manages to hand in a character profile. I'm absolutely stunned, I admit we all have lives and we have to live them but all it would take would be 30 minutes max to make a profile, and then another 5 max to make the post!

oh well... "Shikata ga nai."...

There's no helping it.

I'm still a little dissapointed though!

[ 10-27-2002, 02:32 AM: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]

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Originally posted by Epsilon 5:

mouahaha ... Nova asked me for my bio .. I'm doing a FULL FLEDGED one .. from time to time .. it's now like 8-9 pages in words at 12pts *grin* I dare not make a short one becasue it changes fast ...

XD "Changes fast."

SOunds like the way I've been writing things. I was working on the bio for Nova, when I started to work on descriptions of completely other characters.

In fact, I'm planning on writing up some sort of BC RP/Fan Fiction story soon, if my attention span keeps up.

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Well isn't that interesting... I just went to the wesite for ISS I put online, trying to get the news page working properly. When I went to the site address http://server46.hypermart.net/revxtreme/news/news.htm it was working find... and when I went back to the ISS site it was too!

Confusing, but it appears to be working properly for me again... if it doesn't work for you maybe you should to the same.

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FULL NAME: Richard Ripberger

STATUS: Active


RANK: Commander

POSITION: Commanding Officer GCV-Space Ghost

DATE OF BIRTH: 11th October 2980


DESCRIPTION: 5'11" , 60 kg, has dark red hair, beard and blue eyes.

HISTORY: Richard Ripberger was born in Pensacola, FL. USA on Earth. He was the son of legendary computer scientist James Ripberger who provided for his early education. Later he attended Galcom Academy (Mars) in the year 2999. Graduated from the academy valedictorian on the 27th January 3003. Served as Research Engineer on numerous vessels were he demonstrated amazing skills in numerous scientific fields. This resulted in his transfer to ISS/CIOPS where he has spent the remainder of his career. Commander Rip has spent the majority of his career commanding vessels that are not flagged on deep covert operations. He has excelled, but has displayed severe authority problems that have thwarted further advancement. The most publicized accolade of Commander Rip is when while monitoring signals off Crystar Commander Rip and his crew became aware of an immpending attach on Jupiter. Commander Rip and his crew embarked on a trek to warn GALCOM that involved changing ships 27 times while being aggresively pursued. The details of which are now required reading for all fleet search, evasion, and rescue courses. With a little discipline and humility he may one day be supreme commander, without it he may face a firing squad.

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I assume that the site where Reiner von Schaffen uploaded the pics, has either cancelled his account, or is no longer letter other sites display pictures from their site.

Due to Reiner von Schaffen's inactivity, we can't get him to fix it. We're going to have to find another place to upload them...

Any suggestions?

I believe I have a copy of all the different logos on my computer.

Btw, Rip good work on your profile... i'll add it to the site once everyone else decides to hand theirs in too (Heh, like that would happen ).

[ 12-29-2002, 07:29 PM: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]

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I suppose, the descision is yours Fleet Commander. We'll see how he goes with some added responcibility...

With Reiner von Schaffen MIA, fleet group Pegasus is without a wing leader, its either that or CIOPs... CIOPs is probably the better option... and Urza has been quite active also, not in this forum perhaps but others... He is a member of Pegasus and would make a good wing leader for it also...


Has anyone heard from DeSylva since August?

Im going to finish the website at geocities, the most annoying thing about the site is though i'll have to upload the news page everytime I want to post, oh well... thats life.

I'll add your profile Rip onto the roster page, and we'll see if I can't find those damn logo gifs...

[ 01-03-2003, 07:01 PM: Message edited by: Jerold Keenan ]

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