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ISS Site and Fleet Status

Jerold Keenan

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Yes, it is a sad state of affairs. On a good note, my profile has been completed.

Name: Trenton 'Urza' Padfield

Status: Active

Race: Terran

Rank: Commander

Position: In command of GCV Dark Storm

DOB: October 5, 2076

Description: 6 feet tall, long dark brown hair


2095- Attended Galcom Academy

2099- Graduated in top 15%; assigned as pilot on GCV Weatherlight

8-14-02- Overagression on missions, specifically on this date, led to several crippled FCs; incident blamed on Padfield, who was subsequently ordered to repair the FCs

8-16-02- Completed repair work much faster then anticipated; reassigned to system engineer

11-21-03- Exemplary service record led to promotion to Lieutenant, and assigned to chief engineer

6-12-06- Eori incident- reactor of GCV Weatherlight fails (the cause has not been determined, though sabatoge is suspected), crippling craft. Subsequent attack by an insurgent crusier barely repelled by FC forces; most of crew killed during attack. Reactor power partially restored by Padfield and his four remaining engineers. GCV Weatherlight slowly returns to Aleri station, and is scrapped.

6-14-06- Recieves commendation, promoted to Lt. Commander and (at his request) assigned as chief engineer on newly comissioned GCV Dark Storm

1-30-08- Offered command position, but declined, preferring to work with Firestorm class vessels.

9-01-10- Commander Nicholson retires; Padfield promoted to Commander and placed in command of GCV Dark Storm.

3015- During ISS restructuring, Padfield is assigned to newly created Pegasus Wing under Cmdr. von Schaffen

Notes: Though some question Cmdr. Padfield's assignment, his frequent deliberations with his hand-picked CE and his proven leadership skills are a testament to the success of his command. Although Cmdr. Padfield hasn't piloted an FC in some time, his peers, and those under his command continue to use his callsign in all but the most formal affairs.

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I'm back!

I've finally got a phone line after 7 months of waiting!! I've just downloaded the RC33 patch. I'll try to catch up with what's going on Do you still want a profile from me or have you got my old one(that was part of my old site, which also had profiles for all my oficers)? Could someone please let me know what I've missed in the last few months? I can't get the BCC Forums. Has that moved/folded?

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I have no problem getting webspace (I can get as many 20MB domains on webpark.cz as I can think up original names for, the only condition being I update them at least every three months. It's free with no popups, just a tiny non-animated bar at the top of the index page. I'm not sure how fast it is to access from other countries, but it seems to work fine.) I'll get my old site up again when I get organised and some pics of my little Jakub for you all to enjoy. Btw, we're expecting another in August I was hoping to get going with Ambitions again, but if the BCC forum is gone, that is going to be awkward.

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As far as I remember and can tell, you're not doing that much wrong, to get the fleet more active we need some sort of good story we can all join as a fleet. I was working on that before my abscence, but it was still a little way before the mole hunt (ISS involvement) stage. If anyone else has any good ideas for a story, I'll be happy to join in, work together on planning it etc.

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It's probably not ideal, since I can't really meet online for chat (we don't have a permanent connection, but we're looking into it) and it involved a lot of other people while it was running on the BCC forum. I have the thread saved (minus the last post by Ben Somerset, which he made after I was sans connection) so I could repost the whole thing in the roleplaying forum and hopefully people will join back in and play that out. (there's still a ridiculously long way to go there )

The mole hunt story will run in parallel (at the same time and in the same star system, but almost completely independant of the main story) I will have to lead in to it, and I have some sort of skeleton plot points (but not really enough) I've been keeping a tight control on the posting in this whole story to keep the quality high (and make my eventual editing job easier) so that somewhat restricts standard roleplaying (since it's a detective story it has to fit together extra well), so here's what I think we could do with it:

We set up a mailing list (or use the ISS one) for planning this story. I'll send those of you who are interested what I have so far, and you can all make comments, suggestions ideas for plot lines, I'll hand out planning tasks etc. and discuss the pros and cons of different people's suggestions until we can come up with a good fairly detailed plot which we can then "perform" in the roleplaying forum. I'll have to put together all the stuff I've done into some sort of understandable package, which might take a little while since my parents are coming to visit for a week tomorrow evening, so I won't have so much time to myself. But, anyway, it could be fun, if anyone is up for it.

Who's in?

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Neither has mine. I'll put together a little package over the next few days (if I can find time) and send it out. Not sure I've got your adress Urza, but if Jamont sets up the mailing list, then I don't have to worry about that.

Later all,

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OK, I've sent the package to Jamont to send out to everyone interested, so as soon as you show an interest and send him your adress, you'll get it.


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