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July Roll Call

Jerold Keenan

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Whose still breathing?


Flt Cmdr. Gareth DeSylva - Missing In Action

Flt Cmdr. Jeehun Ristar - Missing In Action

Flt Cmdr. Nicholas Jamont - On Leave

Cmdr. Jerold Keenan - Active

Cmdr. Benjamin Zwycky - Active

Cmdr. Harisson Salisbury - Missing In Action*

Cmdr. Reiner von Schaffen - Missing In Action*

Cmdr. Trenton 'Urza' Padfield - Missing In Action

Cmdr. Melcar DeVaal - Missing In Action*

Cmdr. Jacen Shardik - Missing In Action*

Cmdr. Roberto - Missing In Action

Cmdr. Jared Denarim - Missing In Action

Cmdr. Richard 'Rip' Ripberger - Active

Ens. Cur - Missing In Action

Ens. Cedric Boseman - Missing In Action

Sgt. Nimitz 'Defcon' Adams - Missing In Action*

Pvt. Michael Shaddox - Active

Fleet members have until FC Jamont returns to respond... something like 10-15 days? Before things get unpleasant.

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