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Jerold Keenan

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FC, you need to add our fleets wings on the database so that we can join them.

Let's see if I can recall them all



Flight Group Chimaera


Flight Group Centaur

Flight Group Pegasus

Flight Group Destrier

Flight Group Destrier


52nd Elite Force Squadron


7th Elite Force Battalion

Alright... now howa bout a roll call?

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I noticed we have a quite a few new members, some mentioned in the database that I haven't yet seen in the forum... oh well...

Just thought I would bring it to the attention of either the FC or Cmdr. Zwycky that in the fleet db members haven't exactly been properly assigned to flight groups/battalions, I would correct this myself but I don't have a security level high enough to change anything but a few details in my own profile, lol.

Anyways, if I remember correctly the tasks of each wing and the commands, they are:

Defence Command

-Flight Group Centaur

-Flight Group Pegasus

-Flight Group Destrier

-Flight Group Unicorn

--Basically all the heavy duty multiplayer people

Intelligence Command

-Flight Group Chimaera - RP'ers and myself here (At least until I get Universal Combat)

-CIOPS - Real Intel people here

--All the intel guys/Roleplayers

Fighter Command

7th Elite Force Battalion - Elite Force Marines

Marine Command

52nd Elite Force Squadron - Elite Force Pilots

Reminds me... I should really redo that fleet structure chart...

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