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ISS fleet training program pinboard

Commander Jamont

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I've been working on a training course with Medievh. Currently our plan was to have a six mission curriculum, with the first and last missions being assessment missions carried out in MP, and the middle four missions being self-paced and available on our website.

Medievh, if you're out there, sound off on your progress since we haven't talked about this for about a week or so and we need to finish this project up. It would be good if you could post the outline we worked out in this thread for others to evaluate.

By the way, I mentioned we'd been working on this before in the Fleet Status thread in case anyone was looking.

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Originally posted by Zane Marlowe:

Here is a rough outline of the course Medievh and I were putting together. Kudos to Medievh for coming up with some excellent course objectives and grouping them into a solid outline of six missions as I'd asked.

While other fleets may have their training course more like an actual academy, I propose that we simply make our material available from our website and people can educate themselves appropriately. This means that we're fulfilling the training task at the level the student requires, and we could just let people know that we expected them to have these skills. If someone was appearing to be weak in the essentials, we could just point them to this curriculum online and tell them to read up. This kind of plan keeps our academy's administrative overhead light.

Anyways, on to the outline.

Training Mission 1

HUD Familiarity

*Brief explanation of HUD elements

*Entering/Exiting craft

*Using the S.O.S


*EMD Jamming


*Explanation of Computer Systems (Logistics, Tactical, etc.)

Training Mission 2


*Using Hyperjump

*Explanation of TACOPS

*Using TACOPS effectively

*Basics of Planetfall

*Using Shuttles

Training Mission 3

Weapons Systems

*Selecting Missiles

*FATAL system

*Using turrets

*Setting power levels

*Cloaking System

Training Mission 4

Space Operations

*Relocating your AE

*Repairs and Readying FC

*Launching and using FC

*Docking Basics

*Space Escorts

Training Mission 5

Ground Operations

*Using CALS to Land

*Explanation of HUD

*The DIE

*Giving orders to Marines

*Coordinated Attacks

Training Mission 6

Advanced Training

*Coordinated Invasions

*Cloaked Hyperjumps


*Advanced Ground Ops

If we required assessment, we could perhaps assign commanders one of the following missions that would be successively more difficult and allow them to successfully challenge themselves on more objective oriented (instead of skill oriented) goals.


*Escort any friendly GalCOM ship for 30 min

*Capture 5 cargo pods

*Earn enough money to upgrade your shields and hull

*Lead a team of FC into Planetfall


*Take INTEL photos of ALPHA CENTAURI and one other system

*Take an overhead screen of a friendly base

*Confiscate a Marauder ship from a base and take a screen

*Earn enough money to upgrade shields, hull, and reactor


*Eliminate 6 Insurgent Craft

*Earn enough money to upgrade all upgradeable systems

*Assault a planetary base using all resources

*Earn 2500 experience w/ no violations


*Assault a planetary base using only FC

*Assault a space station using all resources

*Take a screen of each type of enemy ship (Stormcarrier, Aestrom, Garid)

*Take screens of various hostile base structures

*Establish a certain amount of AI for pilots (To Be Determined)


*Lead a ground ops assault against a base w/ FC for support only

*Destroy one of each enemy ship (To be determined)

*Take screens of hostile bases at night

Anyways, without committing to this, I thought it would be good to get something started, and this work is properly Medievh's, so thanks again to him for getting the material to this point.

So what do you guys think?

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OK, there's also the possibility of assaulting a city (destroying all the military buildings in an enemy city) as a step up to assaulting a base, since they are less heavily defended.

It was a good time away (without the kids for once (my parents came over to look after them)- they grew up so much in just one week!)

I'd be cautious about incorporating medals into this, (as Zane suggested in the other thread) since this is more of a training thing than an outstanding performance of duty (which is what medals are for) It could just be a note in their personnel files on our homepage "Certified level 4" or something) (or at the most a line of text in their sig)

Did I miss anything important?

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Good to hear you got some good time away Ben. I like the Defense Fleet Logo by the way.

Level certifications for commanders seemed like a good way to differentiate some kind of competency among fully qualified candidates. I agree with your comment on the medals being for outstanding merit, but what if we put some kind of visual rating like a dot or a bar or something like that into their sig graphic? DennyMala suggested something like that with the avatar, which could work too, but since we create the sig graphics and they're standardized for our fleet, this could be a cool option.

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That would indeed be cool, but then we'd end up with lots of different versions of the animations, which are already relatively big files, so that would delay page loading significantly for those of us on slower connections (10 different fleet gifs x 300k each = 3MB)

I think a simple line of text in the sig (in between fleet position and animated logo) will suffice.

Btw, you should start using the CIOPS logo in your sig. Is your ftp account at iss.galcom.net working now? Could you download the logos from my gallery (in my ship's website, link is in my sig) and upload them over the top of the current ones (the locations are given in the fleet sigs thread)

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Yeah, I'm at work now, but that was on my list of stuff to do. I wanted to make sure I had the right source for these. BTW, what did you think of the logo placement on the ISS homepage?

Also, to keep this on track. I haven't heard from Medievh for some time, so I think I'm going to have to flesh out that outline on my own. I'll post when I've made some progress on it.

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sure- and correct your sig, you should be in the 52nd EFFS, unless you want to give up your fighter career (see the fleet sigs thread)

[ 09-23-2004, 02:34 PM: Message edited by: Ben Zwycky ]

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Ok, fixed the sig. Building on what Zane already has, I think it would be better to have a core competency course first that covers all the similarites between fighters and the larger ships, and then break down into the individual differences. The first 2 and a few from three to start with.

I've been messing with the game more to find out what works best as a fighter pilot. I'll post more on the indivitual fleet board on the homesite once it's back up.

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OK, I feel like an idiot now. We agreed ages ago to go out with friends this Saturday night, and I completely forgot about it. WeÔÇÖll have to change the start time to 1400 or 1500 (at a tight squeeze maybe 1600) GMT, IÔÇÖm really sorry. Can anyone make those times? If so reply here as soon as you read this. Otherwise IÔÇÖll just turn up on the Fleet Teamspeak server at 1500 GMT and wait for 15 minutes. If no one comes, thereÔÇÖll be no training, which would be a great pity, because this is the last chance to get you ready for the tournament finals.

I'm posting this here as well because we should really be using this thread for arranging training sessions.

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Next training session in 10 minutes. Nick's TS server seems to be down, ask Rip to give you a user account and password on his TS server, otherwise I'll hang around on server 2 for 15 minutes from 1800 GMT to 1815 GMT.

Let's get lethal, people

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Guest Remo Williams

Hey Ben I haven't annouced it yet, but I have separate TS server setup for all the GalCom fleets. You can view them on the webpost at Galcom online.

I'll PM you the ISS server password so you can login and start setting up what ever channels you want during the season. Once I see you on the ISS server I'll login and make you the admin so you have complete control of the server.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry about that, the guests stayed about an hour longer than expected, way past the time their littlest one should have been in bed, bu you can't really say to someone you haven't seen in six months "could you leave now, I have to go and play"

My apologies, I should have said 1930 GMT to be on the safe side.

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Oh my, I am so sorry I was not able to attend, from the looks of it I was lucky that I wasn't the only one . I have had final exams all week so this was my first day to kick back and relax, I should be there next Saturday though!

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