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Ben Zwycky

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OK, everyone, our fleet website has moved from iss.galcom.net to www.issfleet.com, so all links in your signatures (including image links) should be changed accordingly (they are all the same as before, only iss.galcom.net should be replaced with www.issfleet.com in each link and they will work fine).

That is all.

[ 07-30-2005, 04:57 AM: Message edited by: Ben Zwycky ]

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OK, for the sake of clarity for new members, I am reposting the fleet sig format in a single post:


Cmdr. name

GCV Ship name (Ship type), ISSHQ (Titan/Saturn)
"Ship motto"(if you have one)

Wing Name
ISS Fleet

(if you're in CIOPS)

(If your in Defense Wing, the 52nd EFFW or 7th OMB)

Know yourself - Know your enemy - Defend your homeworld

Any questions?

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forget the after the wing name in the code above, I forgot to delete it when I copied over my signature. It is optional to use your wing name as a link to the ISS Reference section that describes that wing.

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If I might intrude.

Two comments for ISS staff discussion, let me know what you think:

1. I'd use the links to our site wherever possible, since it tells those interested that there's more to see than just the name. Wings have a description, and so do ships, which I note we are not currently linking to our ship database (perhaps we could?). It enhances the look of our fleet to use such links, imho.

2. Alternately, I recommend relocating the ship mottos, information, type, base location, etc. to the forthcoming ship registry module on our site (thus shortening the first line and creating room for the links in the sig variable).

What say you all?

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The ship type and launch base are part of the standard galcom signature on these forums. We could drop the ship mottos for now and move them over to the ships database later.

Btw Marc, Wing Leader is not a rank, it's a function within the fleet. You are still Commander (or Cmdr.) Marc Wubbema.

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