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Fleet security clearance levels and rankings

Ben Zwycky

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OK, IÔÇÖve changed my mind about the document I am writing. It is now classified at security level three. I am instigating a graded security clearance system for the fleet, With RipÔÇÖs webspace to be used as a classified document repository. There are to be five levels of security clearance, which have to be earned.

Level 1- New members of the fleet

Level 2- Regular posters in the fleet forums here (This is the maximum clearance someone in an allied fleet can be given)

Level 3- Regular partaker in ISS fleet training sessions- must have attended at least three.

or Has successfully represented ISS fleet in a tournament match. I.e. has at least one kill recorded on the fleet scoreboard.

Level 4- Regularly represents ISS fleet in tournament matches ÔÇô has at least three recorded kills.

Level 5- Member of the fleetÔÇÖs inner circle- is a wing leader or above.

Each clearance level has its own password for encrypting and decrypting documents. I.e. a member with security clearance level 4 has the passwords for level 1, 2, 3, and 4, can read all documents encrypted up to and including level 4 and can create documents that can only be read by people with level 4 clearance and above, or lower security documents, should they feel their information is not so vital.

In other words, only those who already have rank in the fleet or those who represent the fleet in multiplayer (or at least come along to three training sessions) are going to get a peek at this document. (IÔÇÖm not promoting anyone to wing leader without them representing the fleet well in mp) Believe me, itÔÇÖll be worth it

At the moment the only ones in the fleet who are ranked high enough to read it are

Myself (obviously)

Jamont (by virtue of his rank as vice-fleet leader)

Zane Marlow (by virtue of his rank as wing leader, even if he wasnÔÇÖt he would still qualify at level three since he has one recorded kill in a fleet match.)

IÔÇÖll be uploading the encryption program when I finish the document (in a couple of daysÔÇÖ time)

and will post the link.

Get busy people!

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Hey, I have worked out some good strategies for encryption and secure document transfer. Let me know if you're interested.

Also, nice classification structure, you might think to add codeword security since that can give people access who otherwise wouldn't have it while denying access to people who would.

For example, let's say someone cleared level 3 needed access to a particular document that you didn't want accessible to some level 4 personnel. You would make the document level 5, but with codeword access for those who weren't level 5 but who had the codeword.

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That can be done. It's just a simple encryption program where you choose a password for each document you want to encrypt, so individual passwords for individual documents is no problem to arrange.

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Originally posted by Ben Zwycky:

That can be done. It's just a simple encryption program where you choose a password for each document you want to encrypt, so individual passwords for individual documents is no problem to arrange.

We will just have to be careful not to send you anything too encrypted over there in the "third world"

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There are freeware encryption programs that people can download from anywhere, and since they're freeware I don't think they have export restrictions (my untutored opinion). Still, I have a couple interesting encryption tricks up my sleeve that you may find interesting if we get to the place where we need them.

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OK, the first person (who is not already ranked at level 5) to gain level 4 clearance by right will be automatically promoted to leader of Defence Wing, given level 5 clearance, and be able to take part in all top-level fleet organisation discussions.

I will then remain purely fleet leader.

I.e. first one to get 3 kills for us in official multiplayer matches gets Defence wing and full security clearance.

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Remo has come up with a good experience point and ranking system, which can be found here which we are going to use, with some minor modifications because of our different structure and training scheme.

ISS-specific experience and ranking changes

RP Members

Log files (in the form of mini mp after action reports, sp after action reports/progress reports or mini-rp posts) should be posted in the log files thread at the ISS section of the 3000AD forums.

MP player scoring methods

5. Attending advanced ISS fleet training sessions/ on-line meetings: 1000 EP. If you attend as the training officer (you must be at least Level 4 clearance to act as training officer), 2000 EP

6. Completing the single player training course (on the ISS website and via email, with test at a multiplayer meeting): 1500 EP


If a member of the fleet is AWOL for one month (no activity, i.e. no posts or attendance at any fleet meetings or matches without giving any notice or reason for their absence beforehand) ÔÇô2000 EP

Should a fleet member go AWOL for 3 months, they will be removed from the fleet database.

Security Level Clearances:

Level 1: 0 EP

Level 2: 5000 EP

Level 3: 1 combat kill or 10,000 EP

Level 4: 5 combat kills or 100,000 EP

Level 5: 15 combat kills or 300,000 EP

All level 5-cleared personnel will be automatically given command posts, then when all are filled, we will switch to RemoÔÇÖs ranking system, though we will use the ranks as a function of EP in our sigs in the meantime, with those of us already in command positions given appropriate ranks automatically (subject to lower members achieving those ranks via accumulating the required EP ahead of them).

As you were,

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I forgot one (two) more ISS-specific method of gaining EPÔÇÖs, for both rp and mp members:

Create an approved classified tactical briefing: 500 EP x classification level

I.e. create a Level 2 classified tactical briefing- 1000 EP, a Level 3- 1500 EP

Contribute to an existing classified tactical briefing: 200 EP x classification level.

A candidate document must be encrypted at the highest level you are able to use, then sent to the Command Staff, currently either me, Nick or Zane (though Nick has been out of the loop for a while and seems to be unreliably on-line, so better send to me or Zane), and we will discuss whether to approve it and if so at what level it should be classified, awarding the relevant EP to the author. In the case of multiple authors of a new document, the EP for creating it will be awarded equally at a level of 300 EP x classification level for each author, no matter how many there are.

Since the EP from matches from last season have been nulled, we wonÔÇÖt count those, only carry over the number of kills and EP from training and documents.

My earlier offer still stands, the first member to get a total of three kills will be given level 5 clearance and a command position. I donÔÇÖt want to be fairly accused of moving the goalposts on that one. Also as a permanent rule, if there are not enough Level 5 personnel, Command positions can be taken by those with Level 4 clearance, but no lower than that, so the next currently unranked player to reach level 4 (5 kills or 100,000 EP) will be given a command position. Normally Level 4 personnel can only be given wing staff positions (vice-leader of a wing) until all such positions are filled, at which point we will switch to RemoÔÇÖs ranking system as outlined above.

So, when I last checked, (at 10pm GMT 25th January 2004)

If I remember correctly, from last year Rip had the single player training plus one session with me (and one with Zane?) and two kills (in the fleet team final). This Year he has so far attended one session. That would give him 2 kills and 4500 EP up to this date, by virtue of his kills he has level 3 clearance, and is one short of the one-off offer.

Krasus has attended three sessions plus done the single player course, so thatÔÇÖs 0 kills and 4500 EP, but by the old rules by attending 3 sessions he has level 3 clearance, and that will not be taken back. He will need to get 3 kills (or more) before Rip gets his next one to beat him to the ÔÇÿmagicÔÇÖ promotion, or else he will need 5 kills to get a command position.

As for Zane, IÔÇÖm less sure of the exact number of training sessions he attended last year with me, but it was a good number (maybe 5?) plus one as training officer with Rip, plus one kill in matches. This year he has attended two sessions (I think), and made a contribution to a level 3 document. So far, that makes (approximately) 9600 EP and 1 kill. He has level 5 clearance by virtue of his rank as leader of CIOPS.

I attended 6(?) training sessions as training officer and scored 14 kills last year (6 in the regular season, 8 in the individual tournament), and this year attended two sessions as training officer. In addition, I have authored 1 Level 1, 1 Level 2, 2 Level 3, and 1 level 4 document, and written 1 CommanderÔÇÖs log. The two ROEÔÇÖs I wrote have yet to be approved. Altogether that makes 14 kills and 23,000 EP. I have Level 5 clearance by virtue of my rank as fleet leader, and am 1 kill short of level 5 by right.

Nick was unavailable last season, but still has level 5 clearance by virtue of his position as vice-fleet leader and former fleet leader. This clearance will never be taken away from him.

People please correct me on the numbers if your memories serve you any better.

Go get busy guys, all contributions to the fleet earn you EPÔÇÖs. If you think thereÔÇÖs a measurable form of activity that brings benefit to the fleet that I have left out (that isnÔÇÖt mentioned in RemoÔÇÖs document), let me know.

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I know I've been out of it for a while, so I'm not too familiar with these new security clearance levels and rankings, do they have anything to do with the fleet DB clearance levels? Cause at present mines a level 0...

...I feel like a raw recruit again...

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no, totally unconnected.

In the fleet database level 0 - normal user, level 1 - wing leader, level 2 - fleet leader, level 3 - alliance leader, Level 4 - admin.

Have you got level 1 in the ISS forums yet, Jerold? also, have you got UC, because you'll need that for multiplayer (fleet matches) I'm not sure how long it'll be before fleet matches will switch over to UC:AWA.

You are at new recruit level again, because so much has changed while you've been gone.

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I don't possess UC actually, I've got some money saved up though, I'll wait a month until UC:AWA comes out and buy the stand-alone version of that...

As for the forums, I have access to the Open Frequency, Diplomatic Communication, Help & RP Channels but I can't see anything else...

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Welcome back Jerold! I've just cleared you for Level 1 access to the secure forums, so you should see them once you login there again. In the L1 forums there is further information about how the fleet's security structures work. I'll PM you your level 1 password.

Good to have our old-timers present and accounted for!

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As the first non-ranked member of the fleet to consistenly prove his worth in combat and reach level 4 through three recognised kills (albeit in unofficial fleet matches) Commander Marc Wubbema has been promoted to Level 5 and is hereby offered Command of Defence Wing, should he choose to accept it.

Congratulations, Marc!

We are sure you will do us proud in your new post.

Commander Jack Decker has shown considerable tactical insight and through achieving his first recognised kill in an unofficial fleet duel has been promoted to Level 3.

Here's to a rapid progression to level 4

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For admirable performance in battle and dedication to duty, Commander Jack Decker has been promoted to captain of team CIOPS, Wing leader of the 52nd Elite Force Fighter Squadron and security cleared to level 5.

The fleet database has been updated, please adjust your signature accordingly.

Congratulations, Jack!

[ 06-15-2005, 07:20 AM: Message edited by: Ben Zwycky ]

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