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Daniel Sedlacek

Yay! My Demo Experience!

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My first post in a long while, good to be back!

I spent 107461041471 hours (well, alright, 2) downloading the BCM lite demo, and let me say, it was worth it!

Mmmmmmmmmm. I managed to defend the space station successfully. Wow, the fights now have some serious eye candy!

After all the baddies were squished, I accidentally left my ship! Ack! After floating around aimlessly, I managed to call the ship back to me and have it stop within my general vicinity. After pitching around I stopped and stared... and stared... wow. The ships really are bigger! After some button smashing, I climbed back into the ship, and some more baddies showed up. Blew em all up, and then retired for the evening.

Oooooh baby, BCM is going to rock the casbah! Post your demo experiences here!

And yes, I am that crazy guy located in #bcm called PS-Kik2DaGroin! smile.gif

P.S. I noticed that the PTAs are now beams. I found it a wee bit hard to see them. I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that they are being rendered on a flat plane, giving them their flat appearance, which is the reason I think they are hard to see. This'll be fixed for the release, I hope, but if not, I'll just squint real hard! smile.gif

#bcm Channel Quote of the Night:

Cmdr_GMAN> Ok for some strange reason the Sims CD in the drive just started. I really hate that game.

PS-Kik2DaGroin> Derek must like the sims, he programmed the bcm beta to open up The Sims at random

PS-Kik2DaGroin> Its a conspiracy!

PS-Kik2DaGroin> He must have the Take2 CEO's living in 1 house, and he must build walls of furniture around them so they urinate on themselves, and starve to death

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reserved for better in depth joygasm...

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The chatroom is open since a couple of hours ago, we're at:

irc server (whichever works best for you):




chatroom: #bcm

We're using it to solve initial problems, keep each other up to date with file mirrors and talk about more and less important things.



Team 3000AD - Sound/Music (BCM/GCO/Prowler)

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I must say the regions seem a lot larger now. Takes a while in hyperspace to travel between points, even at full speed.

And I also must point out that the ships are big, but the stations are MUCH BIGGER! Takes me 10 minutes on full burn just to get close to one, and by then I'm completely dwarved.

And I'm real suprised how smoothly this thing runs! Athlon 700, 128 MB of RAM, and a Geforce2 MX. Wow, it runs like a dream, all without optimizations!

And the music! Markus did a real good job, hats off to you! The track goes along very well with the "Entire Universe is Going On Without You And Could Care Less If You Existed" theme. biggrin.gif

Can't wait to get the first person mode and snipe some gammies.... just keeps getting better and better.

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