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Voodoo 3

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In the readme, it says Voodoo 3 owners should use the 1.06 driver, I'm already using the 1.07 driver and the 3dfx site is so close to being shut down it's not funny. Is it a problem to use the 1.07 driver? I still notice a wierd graphical error when I start the game, is that the driver?

Other than that, the game looks sweet.

And the music ROCKS!

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Thats the only driver that we have tested and which works. So, if you use any other, you are one your own.

UPDATE: Mano says that some folks in the Beta used 1.07 drivers without problems. Thats fine, but thats irrelevant to me. My original point, still stands.

[This message has been edited by Supreme Cmdr (edited 03-17-2001).]

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