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Guest Giancarlo Antonietti

Strange Demo Problem

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Guest Giancarlo Antonietti

Hi everyone-Tabris here.I'm a long time

BC fan(played 3000ad,downloaded ALL patches

-great times!)and i've d/loaded the demo

but i can't get it to work,neither the

low content nor the high content version.

They hang as soon as i start the executable

bcmdemo_e1l(h)c.exe...on screen appears

the message "Configuring Windows Installer"

and then nothing.I wondered if anyone here

can help-i've waited so long,i absolutely

WANT to see BCM!!!My system:

Celeron 450 mhz

128 MB


Windows 98,HD 30GB

Thanks for your time.




"End is important in everything."

All Hail The New Sign!

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Guest Slackme

Hey, if it helps at all my system did the same thing, almost gave up. But about five minutes after that message first appeared it continued installing. Actually installed on two systems - the other one only had that message displayed for about one minute.

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Guest dnoyeB!

You probably have 2 issues that I also had.

First, the please wait message is programmed in the wrong place, or the M$ routine has put it in the wrong place. Couple that with the fact that you can barely hear new hard drives running, and you won't know the program is actually working. One glance at your HD light will tell you to wait a few.

2nd, the NVIDIA drivers have DX issues with can easily be resolved by turning off a feature which is mentioned in another thread here. Cant remember off hand.

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Tabris, you probably had an older version of the installer on your machine. So, you have to wait while it updates your system. It hasn't hung - you just have to be patient.

Since you have a geForce card, read the FAQ.

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