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Demo STILL wont work

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the demo still wont start up on my computer it starts and after about 5 sec. the screen reverts back to windows. The question here is not how to get the demo to work, it is "will the full game work? " My computer meets all the minimum requirements and meets at least 50% of the recommended and about 25% of the smokin'. so I wont have a problem with the full game right? Is it just the demo? Because there is not much of anything less important to me than getting BCM

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Post your computer specs. Others may notice something.

Read the faq while waiting. You might find the problem yourself.

Try to run the demo only with systray and explorer running in the background.

And one more time, remove "Templar clanlord,

Clan Shadow Wolfz" from your sig. It is inapproriate in this forum.

This really should be in the demo forum

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Originally posted by Commander ZIX:

Oh OK, Sorry about that.

But my question essentially addresses the whole game NOT the demo.

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Yes, but it isn't a tech support question.

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OK, Here are my stats:

Pentium III 800MHz

128Mb RAM at 133MHz


56k modem

Sound Blaster live!


20.4 GIG HD (9.8) gig avail.)

Windows ME

This game is really important to me so I would appreciate it if someone important who knows a lot about the games requirements like a tester or developer.


Posted by SC:

If you can't run the demo, you won't be able to run the final game. So don't waste your money.

I really REALLY hope you aren't correct on this issue SC. Then again that is impossible given that you are the overlord of this game and a total genius.(I am not sucking up, I mean that ) So what I really mean is that I hope I am doing something wrong with the demo.

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hmmmm. You seem to not like tech support, Squid. I've seen this in 3 different posts, one of them hadn't had a reply in 2 months. That's the kind of behavior that just might get you banned. I'll leave that decision to the admins.


...........don't go to Tech Support, they're no help.

My reply:

The BCM Demos are Beta, and as such, are not 100% supported. But, they are unofficially supported, right here, in the forums, by our great team of BC Vets! It's Beta, man!


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Damnit, it's just you. Seriously, tell us your system specs, which version you are running, and whatever. This would also especially help:

What graphics card do you have?

Do you overclock? If so, how high do you push it?

Do you meet the minimum requirements for the game? (this is a MUST)

All the problems seem to revolve around people with a nVidia card, not reading the newer versions of the BCM Demo FAQ on the site. Either that, or just a plain RTFM/FAQ would help. I'll swing back later to see if I can help you.

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