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BCM Episode 2 Release News

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I doubt it's necessary, Ensign.

SC already has it up on FilePlanet, and is waiting for the pending site updates.

There is no need for a makeshift unofficial ftp server to get it to the official sites, this time.

Thank you for your time.

[ 06-21-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Nova ]

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Originally posted by crivens:

Well the FilePlanet download doesnt work - it told me I was queued, and when my turn came, I got file not found. Oh well!

How in the heck do you come to have the download link at this point? Just curious.

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wasn't necessarily just file not found. When you get to the point of where the page says that, hit REFRESH and it says Error 403 Access Denied. I even tried to FTP browse through some of it but it won't even let you get in hardly

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The mirrors have started going online and so far, I know that Tucows and FilePlanet should be up within the hour.

As such, I have uploaded the final version of the Episode 2 demo read me, with all the final information. You can read the tutorial section while waiting for the mirrors to go online. Note that until I know which mirrors are online, you are advised to check FilePlanet and Tucows only, as the other mirrors are currently pointing to Episode 1 links.

I managed to sneak in the third scenario and rebuilt the Installshield script before the mirrors went online. So, there is no addition file to download in order to obtain this third scenario I promised.

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