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Controller rolling

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I have a problem with my controller. When I turn to the left or th right my ship rolls instead of turning . I would like to know what causes this and how to fix it given that I didn't fid anything in the FAQ about it

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Zix, it's not your controller. I noticed it (Episode 2 Demo) quite soon, and had to read up on it (though I couldn't find the joystick controls for it).

E2 has a remapped keyboard and joystick system. I'm not sure about the joystick command for left/right controls, but I have found in the meantime the keyboard commands (which I have been currently using for E2).

Insert Key - Turn Left

Delete Key - Turn Right

Uh, in E1, you had to hold button 2 on your Controller to roll, but now it doesn't do anything (have I missed some sort of text on this?).

Smooth sailing, Zix.


Something to try in E2 IA1:

Try landing your BC on a Naval Carrier! I was a fool to even envision it, let alone attempt it. Heheh. Then again, I did successfully land on that Insurgent one, while cloaked! And my PTA was attacking the smaller boats, as well! Then, my Iridium ran out..........

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Yes, they've been remapped. I discovered this pretty quickly myself, as I noticed that my rudder axis was now yaw, and what used to be yaw, is now roll. Worse yet, in the demo release, the switch to reverse this stuff is broken (as SC said in another thread a while back). It was supposed to switch both keyboard controls and joystick, but it only switched keyboard. My guess is that it's fixed now in the beta, and if not, it will be fixed in the release.

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