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Public Preview Demo 1 Released!

Supreme Cmdr

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Servers will soon start popping up everywhere. As for now, 3DGamers, Gamer's Hell, Worthplaying, have it up. Check the downloads page for links.

Unless your system meets with the minimim requirements for the game, don't even bother.

The demo contains four scenarios and a tutorial. Below is the text of the first page of the tutorial.


Welcome to the first of three planned demos for our new game. This preview #1 demo consists of four scenarios and primarily features space and planetary air combat. The second and third demos due out by the time the game is released this May, will feature other aspects of the game, including first person and vehicular combat on planets.

This demo is primarily for gamers who are familiar with our games as this tutorial will not teach you every facet of the game and its features. If you have played the previous Universal Combat title, then everything should be immediately familiar. Being a sequel, very little - by way of features - has changed. If you have not yet played the previous game in the series, now would be a good time to go pick up a copy. We have however included (look in the DOCS folder) the full tutorial for UC. While the scenarios in it are not indicative of these demo scenarios, reading that tutorial will teach almost everything about the game and provide a lot more info about all of the things you will encounter in the demo and which are not mentioned in this tutorial.

Though the demo is based on final Beta code, with three months left to the final release, you may find issues here and there; however, we hope that you have as much playing it as we have had developing the game this past year.

Thanks for your support, without which we probably would not have been around this long nor been able to develop six games (with more to come!) so far in our long running series.

Derek Smart, Ph.D.

President - 3000AD Inc

Designer/Lead Developer - The Battlecruiser/Universal Combat series


In these demos, several features are disabled. e.g. since the scenarios in this first demo do not feature first person mode, this is disabled and non of the required assets are included.





IA0101 : In this scenario, as commander of a heavy carrier, you are tasked with assisting in the recapture of a Terran starstation while coordinating several forces, including your own.

IA0102 : This scenario is identical to the first, but you are in command of a faster and more agile heavy cruiser.

IA0103 : This scenario is a variation of the first, but as a fighter pilot in command of other fighters in your wing, you are faced with even more challenges; given the fact that from such a puny fighter, death is only a missile or two away.

IA0104 : This scenario is a variation of the third, but while the battle to recapture the station wages on, you will have to sneak through enemy lines in space (in the midst of a major battle to recapture the Starpath starstation), make your way to the planet Mars and engage a tactical target on the surface. Its not as easy as it sounds.

For more info about what the other two demos (due out in April and May) will contain, read this thread.

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Originally posted by Cc:

Looks real good.

The graphics are nice and crisp,and the hyperdrive effect is fantastic.

Jumpgate model is also great.

So far just tried commander IA, didn't last long.Nice scenario.

Going to have to read up on the graphics options.

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Though the demo has a full tutorial, below is a quite hint/tip for the first two scenarios for n00bs to the BC/UC series.

FYI, to prevent getting killed, add the /i parameter to the shortcut and you will be invincible. But remember, cheaters suck.

TIPS FOR IA0101 & IA0102

First of all, it is VERY DIFFICULT to save the New Yorker from destruction and that should NOT be the focus.

If you read the mission briefing, the objective was to ensure that the New Yorker deployed its marines, who will then be beamed over to Starpath in order to disable its launch and weapon systems.

What you have to do is ensure that when the New Yorker jumps into Mars, that it is able to jump to Starpath and survive for about two mins. Thats how long it takes for it to complete that instruction.

Once that event gets triggered, the objective has been achieved and in 10 minutes (once the marines are inside Starpath), the Starpath launch/weapon systems will be deactivated within 12 mins.

IF you get the message in your comms system from the New Yorker, it means that it has achieved its

objective. Obviously, if it was destroyed prior to this, Starpath will continue to pound every single friendly craft in the region, making it VERY DIFFICULT to disable and capture it. If it gets destroyed, the scenario will end immediately, since you would have failed miserably.

So, this is ONE way of achieving the objectives. In the tradition of my games, there is more than one way to achieve something. This is just one of many for this scenario.

  1. When the scenario starts, go to the COMMAND menu and give the CC orders to jump to Mars
  2. While in transit, locate the New Yorker either by clicking on it in the TRS or manually cycling
    through the targets list.

  3. Once located, press P to add it to your priority list. You will hear a beep. And if you press the TAB to
    access the Priority List Viewer (PLV), you will see it there. Notice that the color of the craft in the PL
    is either light or dark Green. If its light Green, then it can take orders from you.

  4. By this time, you should have emerged at the Mars jump gate. Disengage the A/P (if you used the Jump At command, which turns on the ships A/P and allows the Flight Officer to fly the route) using CTRL+A and press+hold the W key so that you accelerate through the gate. Remember that you won't jump unless the gate is visible in
    the VDD.

  5. As soon as you enter the region, don't piss around worrying about the threats. They are too far away and will just jump to your location, giving you time. Anyway, launch all four fighters. Then click on the target box for each
    one and give it the order to ESCORT/SUPPORT UNITS/COMMAND CRAFT.

  6. Turn on your PTA turrets at FULL by clicking on the icon. While waiting for your HJ engines to recharge, you will come under attack. Don't worry about those fighters, they are no match for your turrets. So just press O to target your nearest attacker. Then pitch the craft up/down depending on where that attacker is. Look at your PTA turret indicator and if you see it fluctuating (as it discharges/recharges), then you've got a target
    being pounded.

  7. Go to the COMMAND menu and give the order to jump to the "To...Jupiter" jump gate, then turn on the A/P. If your HJ engines are not yet charged, the jump won't occur.

    While waiting, keep and eye out for the New Yorker. The fastest way to see if its in Mars, is to use the COMMAND menu, select ATTACK/FRIENDLY and look in the targets list. If its not there, then its not yet in Mars.

    Keep an eye out for the New Yorker!!!

  8. If you opted for the automated jump to the Jupiter gate, the A/P will immediately initiate the jump when the HJ engines are fully charged.
  9. Keep an eye out for the New Yorker. If it appears in Mars, IMMEDIATELY locate your fighters (assuming you're not cheating and they have not been destroyed) and give them the ESCORT/FRIENDLY/GCV-NEW YORKER order.
    If you have no fighters left, then you have to defend the New Yorker yourself by jumping after it. Its going to
    be jumping to Starpath. You don't want to do that - unless you're cheating by using /i

    Anyway, using the PLV (press TAB), press TAB to cycle to the New Yorker. When selected, it will appear in the CVD
    camera. Monitor it.

  10. Once the New Yorker enters the region, Starpath will launch fighters to intercept and destroy it. It will also be firing its turrets at it which is how it gets destroyed. You want to prevent this from happening until you get the message that it has deployed the marines. At that point, you can forget about the New Yorker and concentrate
    on the other objectives.

  11. If the New Yorker is taking heavy damage, while targeted in the CVD, press the L command (with the TRS in scope) which filters the target that is attacking the New Yorker. If its the station, heh, ignore it. If its a craft, then you have to destroy that craft - or crafts - and keep the New Yorker alive until you get the message
    from it.

  12. With the New Yorker having achieved its objectives; you should now locate the other GALCOM crafts which would have already entered the region by now and going about their objectives of engaging any/all hostiles in the region.
  13. You can locate all of these friendly crafts (carriers and cruisers only, ignore the fighters, as they are just fodder), add them to your priority list and then give them the F1 order while you attempt to capture Starpath yourself. To
    do this, you have to whittle away at its shield and armor until it emits an SOS signal. Then just dock with it and it will become a Terran/Military station again.

    You HAVE to ensure that none of the crafts under your command are engaging that station, or they will destroy it. If you target one of your crafts and notice that it is targeting Starpath (the name of their target appears under their image in the CVD), immediately use the TOM (see below) to give it alternate orders.

    If a craft has turned on its comms channel and can take orders from you (it will be light Green in the TRS and the PLV), while its targeted and visible in the VDD, press ESC to bring up the Team Orders Menu (TOM). Then give it the DEFEND/ESCORT ME order by pressing F1. This is how you handle the other crafts that are under your


When you arrive in the region, you will emerge outside the JMP-01 (To..Earth) jump gate. This is

where the New Yorker will also emerge. Then it will jump to the Starpath station which is orbit

around Mars.

The reason you want to jump to JMP-07 ("To...Jupiter") is because it puts you near Starpath, but outside the range of its more powerful and wide band turret coverage on Starpath.

Once the New Yorker has achieved its objectives, if it has not been destroyed, it will then assume

a patrol profile in the region by jumping to each and every jump anomaly in the region. If you

managed to save it long enough for it to start its patrol, you should give it the RTB command using the TOM and it will return to GALCOM HQ in the Earth region. Its the right thing to do, for moral sakes.

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Thanks for those hints, but before I read them in their entirety,I'll think I'll try it my way first.

However just wanted to add that that the new sounds are also great.

Especially the main guns with capital ships.Very much improved.

Future possible idea: add a little jitter when firing those main guns.

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