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A few demo questions.


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First of all, let me say that I tried to post in the Demo board, but it said I didn't have permission...

Basically, I have a few questions about the Episode 1 demo. As I believe it's basically a beta test demo, I'll understand if most of the answers to these questions are simply "It's beta, it's not implemented". I'll number my questions to make it easier to read and reply to.

1) Is there any way to complete the first mission, where I am in (I think) a cruiser and have to defend a station. I defeat the first wave that appears after about 7 ot 8 minutes, but then I not sure how long I have to keep defending it, especially as it seems that from then on, the ships that appear are random. Is it just a matter of waiting a long time, like an hour and a half or something? I managed to complete the second mission after destroying the station, then several others and finally waiting a while.

2) Mines. It says in the manual that when I cycle through the weapons with backspace, it will cycle through the mines, but it doesn't, just the missiles. I can click on the icon on the right and select a mine and deploy it from there, but is there any other (possibly faster) way?

3) Upgrades. Am I missing something, or are the upgrades not implemented in the demo? I go to the station, buy a Numega, then leave and tell my engineers to upgrade to it. I'm then told that the engine is damaged and is under repair. Now I can only move at a reduced rate, which gradually increases as the engine in repaired. So far everything seems to pretty much make sense, but now, once the engine is fully installed/repaired and it even says so in Logistix, my top speed is exactly the same as when I first started with the first engine. This is the case with both missions/craft.

4) Hyperjump. I really am struggling to understand this despite reading the manual and several posts on the subject. The only time I can get it to consistently successfully jump is to things that are yellow distances away (1 million light years or something). Most of the time for things that are red distances away (800 whatevers seems to be the norm) it won't work and I have to fly there on the sub-light engines which takes an absolute age. I have tried every combination of aiming at ships/stations/jumpgates, flightpath on and off, waypoint on and off, autopilot on, off and in that other mode, weapons mode/nav mode and practically every time I try it says "Cannot compute jump profile". Very, very occasionally it works, but it seems completely random, and I can't work out why it works when it does.

5) Time. Should everything really take as long as it does? I understand that patience is a virtue and that it makes it more realistic, but surely it's this type of realism that games are created to avoid. When fly to places it seems to take far too long, even with hyperjump it takes a minute or so, plus another couple of minutes before I can do it again. I can live with that, but when I have to fly to somewhere that is, say, 800 red away, which most things seem to be, I have to basically sit and watch the Windows "Flying through space" screensaver for 10 or 15 minutes, which isn't really my idea of fun. It's the same when my ship is damaged and I need critical repairs before I can really do anthing, I can be sat staring at the screen unable to do anything particularly useful for 20 minutes. Am I missing something?

6) When I try to match a target's speed, it seems utterly inept at doing so, either lagging behind or shooting past, so I have to do it manually, which is quite difficult, especially with only 2 hands. The manual says that it "has no effect" when autopilot is turned off, but it seems that when the autopilot is off, it at least sometimes tries, but fails, however when I turn the autopilot on, it does nothing at all and just sits with thrust at 0.

7) Finally, I know there is an Episode 1 demo and an Episode 2 demo, but reading the ReadMe of this Episode 1 demo, it says there are going to be episodes 3, 4, 5 & 6 demos. Am I to assume that none of these made it to fruition, or have I simply failed to find them?

Thankyou for reading (and hopefully replying).

::edit:: Typos.

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