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Insurgents And Beta Testing


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Ok Insurgents, I've seen the thread that SC's started in the General Discussions, http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000657.html , and I've also seen a couple of Insurgents replies to the thread. I must say that I'm surprised that more of you Old Timers (Tenure on the Site), Not Age, haven't jumped up and thrown your hat into the ring yet! Den, Locke1, Guy Campbell (Agro), Nightweb, Echo, and the rest, Where Are You? He's going to publish his selection list on June 1st! Get in there and give it your best pitch, unless you just want to miss out on the best action of the New Millennium! Your choice though. wink.gif


Rattler, Insurgent One



Official BC3K Tester

[email protected]

ICQ 12894104

"Arise, Old Insurgents,

Long dead but eternal in time and space.

Forgive us NOT for what we do,

We merely take your place!" - Rattler

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Chris here Rattler sir! In this case I am kinda old in term "Tenure". But other than that I still have a brite candle in my life. As I said that I am not too supprised of seeing that thread going "hog wild". But I do see many good people there if not some of the best that I have seen anyway.

See ya!


Cmdr. Chris Alan Blair

Spectre Fleet

Spectre Starstation


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