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Email Addresses and Data Base


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All Right Insurgents, "Listen Up!"

I've just gone throught the new data base and checked all of your new profiles. Some of you just don't get it! frown.gif

There can be no utilization of "Vanity Email Addresses", PERIOD! Places like Hotmail, and the like are forbidden. If you fall into this category, and I know who ALL of you are, you have untill tomorrow afternoon at 5PM EST to provide me with your REAL IP email address. After that, I'm bouncing you and making you register again. Plain and simple. While you are at it, make sure that your user's profile and the like here on the bulletin board matches your new profile. This is not a hard thing to do Insurgents. We just need to play by the rules so that when it's time to play BCM online, we CAN because we followed the rules.

"Nuff Said!"


Rattler, Insurgent One



Official Tester,Battlecruiser Series

[email protected]

ICQ 12894104

"Bad? You ain't seen BAD, But WE'RE Coming!

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