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Balor Fleet Announcement

Charles Lindsey

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Balor Fleet Announcement:

I have come to a decision on the placement of troops in Balor fleet. Thanks to Rattler for the suggestion.

Everyone who has a station/base keeps it. Only the highest levels of any orginization get to roll heads and this one is no different I suspect. I don't know how it is in the military (maybe someone could clue me in) but where I work you inherit the employees that are there. Well I've gotten quite an inheritance. I'm glad to have each and everyone of you. I know you will do Balor and the Insurgency as a whole proud. I've seen you work in the other fleets and have no doubt that you will do the same here.

Besides being blessed with that inheritance I have also brought with me a couple of heirlooms. Parias and Finder1 specifically. Both are valued and longtime members of the community. Parias is vocal and keeps the SC in a good mood for us. smile.gif Finder1 has been my number two (or is that number one) since the groundwork was laid for SSF.

Parias; as requested you get command of Sanctuary Storage Facility (SSF). You are hereby promoted to the rank of Commodore and are charged with maintaining it. Take care of her. She was the first supply house for the Insurgency and there are traditions there. (rp) As Commander of the Starbase you are not landlocked into baby sitting it all the time. There are plenty of occasions you can take command of a supply train yourself to make sure everything goes right.

Finder1; you have been with me the longest and per Rattler's suggestion I am making you the executive officer (XO) of Balor fleet and hereby promoting you to the rank of Rear Admiral. That is an operations commander rank. You are charged with the operations of Balor Fleet. (rp) That includes checking the station and bases for inventory levels, supply routes, and finding new suppliers. (/rp) That also includes doing what you have been doing all along and keeping me informed of things. I appreciate all of your help.


Vice Admiral Chavik

ICV Phoenix, Sygan Starstation (Sygan)

Fleet Leader - Balor Fleet

Official BC3K Tester

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I believe Homer Simpson states it nicely enough... *Ahem*


I'll keep 'er in shape and running up to spec! Even now the radioactive garden gnomes are piling in.....


Commodore. Parias

ICV-Galatae, Sanctuary Storage Facility (Sygan)

Balor Fleet

ICQ 1293359

Staff member at HardNews

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Guest aramike01

Congratulations are in order for both Parias and Finder1! Hip-hip... smile.gif


Vice Admiral Michael Kristophers

ICV-Intrepid, Spectre (Antis)

Fleet Leader

Spectre Fleet

Official Tester, Battlecruiser Series

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