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A queston about joining


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Hello Silence!

Most likely if you decide to join the Insurgency, you would be assigned to a Fleet based on the needs of the Insurgents. As for suicide missions, that'd be up to your Fleet's Commanding Officer. smile.gif


Commodore ShoHashi

ICV Aries, New Frontier (Rinaal)

Station Commander, New Frontier

Bishamon Fleet

ICQ 484321

[email protected]

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Hey there, Silence!

Perhaps unfortunately for what you're looking for, the Insurgency acts as a team. However, the fleet I'd see as most suited to what you're looking for is Bishamon Fleet, headed by Jester.

If you wish to join, visit both the Fleet FAQ and the Fleet Database to register.

Btw, since when is the Insurgency not a suicide caste? biggrin.gif


Vice Admiral Michael Kristophers

ICV-Intrepid Spectre (Antis)

Fleet Leader

Spectre Fleet

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Silence, you have been approved in the Fleet DB. Your current assignment is to Eversor Fleet and your Fleet Commander is Vice Admiral Chavik. I suggest you visit Insurgent One's website and learn all you can about our brotherhood. You should then check in with your boss for assignments.


Insurgent Two, Akira

ICV Nevermore, Spectre HQ (Antis)

Minister of War,


Official Tester, Battlecruiser Series

ICQ 13379858

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