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3rd time charm? (website)

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Just what I wanted. Used a pic of the crab nebula instead of the trifid nebula. I think the visible stars and varying background look better. Plus, since Balor is the "lifeblood" of the Insurgency, the red in the nebula keeps the symbolism as well.

It all comes in at 2253 bytes in size so it ought to load fairly well for everyone.


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I LIKE! Nice contrast to the SS too...makes it easy to see.

The only "suggestion" I have would be to move the F a little closer to the l in the Balor Fleet heading.

All-in-all, great work!

PS, I'm still on the archaic dial-up and it loaded just fine!

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Got it a little better.

I redid the gothic "F" gif. It still had a little border on the the right and I managed to crop that off. That's as good as it's gonna get. Just the way those gothic letters line up.

Got rid of that page break between the two tables so it comes up without a scroll bar now.

Used a pic Eclipse/Antilles sent me for the station. I like it better.

http://members.aol.com/chavik/balor/fleet7.html Fleet3.html is still up for comparison.

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It wasn't the hspace it was the cellspace. But I set it all to zero. That's as close as things are going to get.

What aggravates things is that the tip of the "F" swoops up to the right. The middle bar is inset a great deal and the bottom left curly que goes way to the left. From the upper right tip to the bottom left tip (travelling through the image) is about 45 degree angle. Then the "l" has a tip that goes to the left which makes the main body of the l appear further to the right. All of that makes a noticeable space between the middle bar of the "F" to the vertical bar of the "l".

(pant, pant)

Anyway, I got things as close as I could and began experimenting with fonts. I used the drop down list of fonts for the program. I used Georgia font next. things are a little fatter and looks a bit better than Times New Roman. Times New Roman follows Georgia in that choice so I'm guessing if you don't have Georgia it will default back to TNR.

http://members.aol.com/chavik/balor/fleet8.html has the fatter Georgia font. fleet7 has TNR with the spacing fixed and fleet3 is TNR without spacing fixed.

I appreciate all of your suggestions and help.

[ 07-15-2001: Message edited by: Charles Lindsey ]

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