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February Bishamon Fleet Recall


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Ok guys, I didn't hold a January Fleet Recall because of the after-holiday season blues. Now we are going to get back on track. This is February's Bishamon Fleet Recall and I need everyone to check in before the end of the month. People that don't show up by the end of the month will be dropped from the fleet. People who didn't check in during December's Recall..well, this one is on me. You don't check in this month, you're dropped. Also, I'm planning on doing a lot of reassignments in the Fleet based upon Fleet member participation in the near future.

Rear Admiral ShoHashi - Present

Commodore Picaso -

Commodore Stickman -

Captain Hasenau -

Commander Yazin Re - Present

Commander Gretsinger -

Commander Hellbinder -

[ 02-16-2002, 15:42: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]

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Well, Sho, looks like it's just you and me out here in the wilderness...

Yeah, isn't that the truth, Akira! Pretty soon, the way our guys keep dropping like flies, we'll be down to one fleet like we originally had!

Hey Gallion! Whatcha doing, ignoring me? I haven't seen you on ICQ in a long time!

[ 02-14-2002, 17:52: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]

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