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Spectre Fleet: Where are we?


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Several new members of Spectre Fleet may be a wondering why I do conduct monthly fleet roll calls.

[*]I donÔÇÖt like conducting fleet roll calls. Once the Fleet Db is up then I will become more attune to fleet membership.

[*]Most of the members of Spectre Fleet are long-time members of the Forum. Some are even part of the DDDD days from the ****2 fiasco and do not require babysitting.

[*]Most of the members of Spectre Fleet are busy with RL matters. Some are working for/with no-such-agency Spectre types and/or dealing with the daily grind and fall out form the .com bomb.

Status of Spectre Fleet members as I know today:

[*]Insurgent One Rattler:  is real busy, and may be at an undetermined geographic location somewhere on this planet but will pipe in once in a blue moon when something sparks his fancy.

[*]Insurgent Two Akira:  is around the forum and seems to have regressed into lurker mode for the most part but comes out when warranted/required.

[*]Rear Admiral Gallion: Around for the most part. Since retiring from .mil has been real busy with the reality of the real world. Current project is deploying Enterprise Directory Services to 500k users world-wide along with the fiefdom and turf politics there-in; a blooming nightmare and cluster farce in the making.

[*]Commodore Kyle Antilles (aka Eclipse):  is busy with the schooling he is getting at college. Pipes in from time to time as his education schedule allows.

[*]Commodore Wold: has got a gaggle of littlÔÇÖ ones to provide for and juggling between several lines of income and paying attention to his gaggle.

[*]Commander PowerCow: El lurker extreme. May show up once in a decade of blue moons.

Commander Adam Thomas: Around for the most part.

Commander Evan Lysander: Around for the most part.

[*]Commander Khelben Drachenfels: Around for the most part.

[*]... and there are several other members out there that I am not aware of.

On a final note, I check and peruse the forums at least daily. Some topic threads I do even get into (i.e. those multi page debate topics), whilst with others I donÔÇÖt even waste my time responding to. So I have regressed somewhat into the lurker mode myself and become a silent moderator for the most part as the Area 51 tends to be mostly silent these days.

Just because there is no evidence of Spectre Fleet activity on the Forums does not constitute a lack of presence.

Spectre is always here. A presence felt but not seen

 and when M/P is out, watch out  the Insurgency will own these boards


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Ok Troops, Time for that recall. I direct this to all Fleet Leaders and Fleet Members. Let's Muster on Station, Ladies and Gentlemen. Data Base is approaching like a Patriot Missile (about mach 5 for those that don't know it's speed). We had better be ready!

Now, Fleet Leaders, Let's get down to the business at hand of rounding up our Troops.

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