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November Balor Fleet Chat

Charles Lindsey

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November. I hid out on Halloween and went to see a movie instead.

Our second severe weather season is starting. Interesting factoid they had on the news the other night. The Southeastern United States in the only region in the world with two distinct severe weather seasons. Dunno how true that is but it was on TV .

You still breathing out there Finder1?

Bought new tires this morning. $303 and some pennies. Ughh. On top of renewing my insurance this week also $300 and change. Ouch. Whimper whimper. Oh well such is life.

Have a good one all.

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hey there rattler...

well charles to continue our last thread....whats wrong with cruis.dredd...wait till multiplayer, cruis.dredd will be the scourge of the universe. i will shoot you too. if you cross my path ill go rogue!!!!!!!

zip back down to earth.

ok is your video to be funny? im going to work the night shift now. cya

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Originally posted by ShoHashi:

Geez, Charles...with our dwindling members, maybe we ought to do combined Balor/Bishamon Fleet Roll Calls or Reactor Chats!

Come one come all! All are welcome in my reactor core. We'll have a ball. But I hope we don't bore. We'll talk a little, we'll talk a lot. But it's all good, 'cause the female pilots are hot.

*Ahem* cough cough. LOL!

Sounds good Shohashi. We could take turns or something or every other month post a separate nutty thread.

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You are paraphrasing Pugwash's quote.

gee and i thought no one would notice

getting a little colder down here at nights now its near christmas, and not as hot days.

i think that blowing up wraith fleet or one of those galcom fleets come multiplayer is gonna be fun.

maybe we could all merge, and just have two fleets, a home fleet and a masquerading in galcom space fleet.

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Hello hello!

I love this month, only 20 more days until my b-day!

Hope ya'll are doing well, I've been trying to keep up with the forum but am having 'net troubles. Don't really get any chances to get to a school computer on days that my net is out, sometimes I get to check my e-mail but rarely.

I hope I've got them fixed.

Anybody want to try a game of BCMG MP this weekend?

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i downloaded america's army v 1.9 on my 56k, 604 megs, only to find out a new version got released, tried to download the patch but all the download sites for it suck and the patch sucks too, its buggy...so i start from scratch now to download the v 2.0 650 mb file. ill be away the next 3 days or so while i leave on the computer, it actually takes 27 hours total, but i wont use the net at all during that time.

i never tried it before and i want to. so no jokes.

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I downloaded the full 2.0 and the 1.90-2.0 patch on Saturday.

The patch worked on a clean install of 1.90 but not my server, it didn't like the file size of a files that had been altered to get round the Authserver bug.

I ran an AAO server nearly 24*7 for about a year with R.O.E at 100.

Gave it up around the time 1.90 was due out.

Got fed up of all the kiddies complaining ,the Yanks about lag they just wouldn't go play on US servers, the TeamKilling and the gits on dialup who when banned would be back in 10 minutes.

I once blocked the whole of a German ISP's dialup service via the firewall to stop on particular annoyance.

He (or she) kept saying there was nothing I could do about it as he was on dialup every time I banned his IP address he just disconnected and got a new one.

Took me less than five minutes to trace his ISP and find the IP range they used for dialup subscribers, that fixed his little red wagon.

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Although the is a single player "training" mode to progress through training you need to be online and have a valid AAO account, your stats are saved on their server.

You can play all the maps in single player mode from console commands and since 1.90 you can call up bots but the AI for the bots is so bad its hardly worth the time typing in the commands.

Your PC should be powerful enough to run a LAN server which you don't need an active Internet connection for and play on at the same time but you will be Billy no mates all the maps will be empty.

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ok i got it, i try connecting to any server, making sure that all honour requirements and what not are filled, the music stops, it looks like its loading, then i hear gunshots from players on the server, then it cuts back to the internet games screen, then the dialogue box "loading map" comes up, then it goes away and i remain at the internet games list, all servers all the time.

then i have to refresh the servers again each time.

i was wondering, is there some map pack i dont have? i have a clean install of 2.0

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Silly question but I've got to ask, have you passed the prerequisite training for the map?

Minimum requirement is to have passed the four basic training missions Marksmanship, Obstacle Course, US weapons and Mount but this does not open all the maps

Goto the ingame Deployment Missions menu and check the required map is available to you.

You used to be able to press the "ESCape" key on the loading screen which would drop you to the "Operation defend freedom" screen and hopefully find the offending error message top left corner or centre of the screen (often difficult to read) but have not checked that this is still current in 2.0.

I spent nearly 2 hours last night trying to get my server to run I'd forgotten that I'd reconfigured the IP addresses of my LAN and had entered the wrong one in the ini file.

Spent a couple of hours playing the new special forces maps but they gave me a headache don't know if that because I've changed the hardware I'm playing on or due to the update to the game.

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gave you a headache as in you the game ran badly?

ok im not sure if i did that last mission mount or whatever but i did the others, ill make sure when I try it now.

also, i opened the actual gamespy client, and it says it needs a critical update, cant use it without it, could this also be the cause of aa exiting a connection once it seems to have connected?

im asking, because the game has its own in game browser powered by gamespy, so would this automatically get updated if i update gamespy?

this thing needs error msgs man..heh kind of groping in the dark......

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yup i completed all four of them already, the basic training ones.

i have an honour of 10, exp 5000.

i updated gamespy, same thing. i click join, the music stutters as though its in, screen switches, more load time, then it switches back to the server screen with "loading map" across the screen, then loading map disappears, and it remains at the servers screen except all the servers are now gone , and i have to refresh again.

this is annoying. do i have to complete any tours of duty first and update my jacket too?

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gave you a headache as in you the game ran badly?

game runs ok,

it's when playing in those streets, maybe I ought to buy a new monitor?

No harm in updating GS they packaged AAO with an older version.

That lack of error messages really frustrates some players.

I spent 6 months giving support on GS for this game (AAO) boy do some people have problems connecting.

Use the in game browser it's more reliable than the external GS or use All Seeing Eye (ASE)

I used to play on the same few servers so knew the IP address of them and connected directly using the open xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx console command.

Just get the ip of the server from whatever browser and use the console method to join.

the main advantage this method has over other ways of joining is it displays more error / information messages on the screen.

I managed to complete the final SF training mission last night took me over 3 hours to figure out the way to go its not really a training mission but a puzzle.

It still takes me a little under 40 minutes to complete and I know the way to go slow crawling from one end of the map to the other.

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ill play those training stuff when i have time tomorrow.

i got it to work, seems i had to enable punk buster, by default its disabled, tell me if its required to play absolutely why disable it by default?

i read it in a faq.

few things i noticed, my frames are good when im in training missions with most options turned up ultra high and 1024 resolution, but when it comes to multiplayer it gets really choppy...or laggy, its lag choppy though not performance choppy....

thats just my modem though right? never had this problem with other large multiplayer games.

games like darkspace were very playable with many ships on screen. (massive multiplayer)

and these are just servers with limited players...

i wonder if it could be my video drivers...but not likely since its smooth in single player.

its quite fun though, favourite mission so far is bridge crossing.

i got 30/40 with the rifle training. in real life i got 24/40, so im a qualified marksman

that was in one day training/qualifying session.

same day introduced to the m16, same day qualified. our shoot had a timed shoot,

and you had to put 4 in each target...no more than 4 allowed, this was to stop you from putting all in the closest ones .......

but thats only police training, i dont walk with m16, so my day with it was enough.

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You should only need PB if the server you're joining has PB enabled.

Again like the client by default server start up with PB off, but all official server have it enabled.

Frame rates can drop dramatically on interior maps like pipeline, Tunnel used to be the worst by far and was revised, FLS was terrible for assault while you're in the drop plane but once you exited things were back to normal.

Server setting can be changed to help dialup players and spread the servers bandwidth more evenly.

There used to be a lot of rubbish floating about saying dialup players dragged the ping up for all players and created lag, what IMO was more important was the speed of the players PC low spec PC affected all players ping.

Joining ping also effects all other players ping you join a server which reports a ping of 280 which is playable once your in game your ping will probably be over 400 all other players ping will have risen 40 or 50 and the votekicks start.

It plays fine even on my slowest PC, P3 866MHz,384M, 32Meg MX nVidia grafix

It might be your setup, make sure you choose a server with low ping (under 100 if you can find 1)because when you get into the game it will be much higher, (adds 40 - 120 to ping when I connect using 2Meg cable connection).

I love Bridge normally play assault second favourite is Mountain pass as long as the isn't a sniper on the far hillside but also like Insurgent camp and Pipeline.

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ok some updates. i figured it wasnt lag doing all of it. lag was triggering some of it, but the other part was ram. after playing the game about 6 hours straight, and fidling with settings alt tabbing during the game etc...my resources had reached a critical level.

256 might be enough for a desktop but its pushing it on my laptop, it needs a little more reading power, so i think i will inject a 512 stick in there.

my only next problem is my 15 inch laptop screen, everything seems so small on 1024 resolution. i think ill get a usb keyboard or mouse so i can use my desktop monitor with my laptop and plug in the keyboard and mouse and shut down the lid. the laptop would become like a new desktop module

as for my ping, is the part where you are viewing scores after a round accurate? in most servers my ping is reported to me as less than 200... some it is less than 300.

but that doesnt say anything for packetloss that i might not know of.

with my low ping no one tends to know im on modem. and like i said darkspace massive multiplayer is very playable with a modem.

this is quite a fun game

my nickname is cruis.in

im wondering how honour increases.

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