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Balor-Bishamon Fleets Combined February Recall


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Hello gents! Another month has flown by and another month is upon us.

If you are currently members of either fleet, be sure you have registered in the appropriate fleet.

If you are new to BCMG and would like to join a fleet, you can read about them here before you make a decision.

Ok, enough of the formalities, who is out there?

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I'm putting the ship into spacedock for a few weeks while I get this current show on the road. This time its "The Illusion". Wish me luck, this design (Sound this time, hell yea!) is becoming the design from the pits.

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Ermm Cruis.In? Technically YOUR sig isn't in format. Look at mine, Sho's, or Pugwash's for confirmation.

Yours would look better like this:

Cmdr. Cruis

ICV Valiant, Sygan Startation (Sygan)

CEO, Sygan Statstation - Balor Fleet

Official Tester. The Battlecruiser Series

Sho can coach Stickman on his.

(man this stuff is so old)

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Present and accounted for.

Nice to see you Stickman!

Think you can redo your sig as follows please?

Commodore Stickman

ICV-StarCutter, The Dojo

Commanding Officer, The Dojo

Bishamon Fleet

"Insurgents rule the Galaxy, you other guys are just along for the ride."

Also, if you haven't done already, can you register in the Fleet Database?

Charles, I take it you've gotten your computer fixed up?

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Ok guys, I need counseling.

We all know about the UC issue. This is leaving many of us in sort of a bad issue. Should we wait, and see if the price goes up (never thought I'd say that ) or do we purchase it now.

This is where I need counseling. Ok, a few of ya'll know I'm a college student, who unfortunately works in the worst paying field ever for someone who isn't graduated, Sound Design. I can't decide if I want to jump on my chance of getting it at 20 (thats all I've saved up so far) or if I should continue to save and get it at 40, if the price indeed goes up.

I seriously can't decide, its like a moral dilemma.

If I wait, I don't forsee myself getting it for several months; definitly not before school lets out at the end of March, which is when I go back to work full-time at my home theatre. If I get it now, I enjoy the game I've waited paitently for.

Its just I'm afraid to purchase it because of the fact that it'll go to support DC in this whole dispute, won't it?

Jesus, this is crazy, I'm having a moral dispute about a computer game...

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You kinda have to read all the current UC threads to piece it together. Derek said he wouldn't mind if we got the game at $19.99. He also metioned the litigation that didn't go his way. This means that Dreamcatcher is free to sell the game at $19.99 and if it fails to meet certain projections in sales and possibly remuneration then Derek can sue for damages. He also warns it's your money.

So it is your choice. At the least you'll get to experience it and get some practice. If later you want to buy another copy you could do that too. Might even be a collector copy.

Sho: Ummm not really. I need a video card to complete the setup so when I install Windows XP again that hardware profile will be complete. I'd hate to set it up then put in a new vid card and have it freak out again.

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I'll tell you what I've done / intend to do but you don't have to follow my example.

I cancelled my order.

I do not intend to re-order for at least 3 or 4 months this is not because of any support issue but because:

I don't want DC to meet their sales targets.

I might pay even less for the game by then also hitting DC profit.

SC may come out with another viable option.

If I have to buy the DC version then I will donate $10 for each copy to SC via Paypal if that option is available to me.

As an existing BCM and BCMG owner (I have 2 copies of each) I will be able to get my hands on the demo so that will have to do for the time being.

and as a beta I might even get my hands on GBSIII and make up a few scripts who knows.

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Well, I've made my decision.

I think I'll wait.

WHY? Simple, my video card I don't think will support it. Reason is vertex shaders; I don't think the GeForce 4 MX cards support Vertex Shaders.

Soooo I think I'm gonna have to buy an old GF3 TI before I can get UC.

I hate Nvidia for this, they seriously led me on with simply saying that they don't have the "Dual Vertex Shaders" Support in the GF4 MXs. Made it sound like they have it, its just like the old GF3 TIs Vertex and Pixel Shaders.

This really pisses me off to be honest. I wouldn't have bought the GF4 had I understood that.


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Charles, dont fight,

my sig is correct from the day the formats were introduced...i reworked it 5 times that day to get it. mine is right, you have managed to convolute it.

or did you change it in the last 3 years or so and I didnt notice?

as for UC, I will not buy, because, for me this game would have marked the beginning of serious battlecruiser multiplayer on all aspects, for all fleets and for us to finally engage each other in friendly RPG battles online...Insurgents VS the galcommies...

so for me the community spirit is lost by this latest development, it will not develop into a game that is fun on multiplayer because hardly anyone will be playing it...

man DC has really messed up alot of peoples fun and i bet they are happy with themselves.

so i wait for BCO, or another True battlecruiser offering.

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Sorry Cruis.In but I beat up on Stickman a long time ago and I guess I feel guilty and wanted to make sure it didn't happen again.

Here is Derek's official sig format post dated 09/01/00. You have to scroll a bit to get to the actual format. That started out as a rank discussion.

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I have some bad news to report. My father, knowing that I've been waiting to get UC, called me today and told me he bought a copy for himself.

This is the bad part; he bought me a copy too since it was only 20 bucks.

Hell, honestly I'm glad he bought it for me, but I'm disappointed as well. Guess that sort of nix'ed any issue I had with purchasing the game.

I'll be honest though, once I get the money, I'm going to donate a little to 3000AD. SC deserves extra money for this, I'm sure.

I'll tell ya'll what I think when I recieve it sometime next week (after my new vid card that I ordered comes in of course.)

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I have no idea where to vent this frustration.

since i have not been able to engage in large scale UC combat via multiplayer and take it out on newbies.

but this influx of newbies is really irritating me. everytime one posts its laced with such things as....


just saying my honest opinion please dont flame me for blasphemizing your supreme commander and his team.

yeah i dont have to read things, no gun to my head, but since i am browsing the first impressions topic, seeking to read the damn first impressions, i must take these in at some point.

just friggin annoying...

im going friggin mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at this rate i wont be able to read any part of the forum!

i wish there was a veterans forum or something heh....

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please dont flame me for blasphemizing your supreme commander and his team.


Thats the kind of thing that gets your post deleted and you banned. If you didn't come here to flame or insult anyone, you shouldn't have to point it out.

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lol Cruis

There's a private forum for us vets Area51

You seem a bit uptight of late what's up ?

I know what you mean about the n00bs I keep cursing because there slowing the board down.

and 46 guests and 16 registered users online it used to be nice and quiet round here

Now I'm being hypocritical I hate it when people use that gif or type WTF.

If I see too many more images posted instead of links I'm going through all those posts and editing out the img tags


Well I'm having a frustrating night fixing my nieces PC

I built it 6 years ago out of spare parts,

must be a record for a windows machine as it's the first serious problem with it and its looking like the HD failing.

35M in recovered files, and a couple of corrupted directory names.

I cloned the drive and am working with the image.

Just got to get SmartSuite working again it's crashing due to the deskjet drivers.

Would of been quicker to start with a fresh install but its got all her college work on and no backup.

Windows 95 not even OSR2 well it was the only OS I had a spare license for at the time.

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