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All Insurgent Fleet Roll Call for July 04

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Originally posted by Mordax Blyrr:

Don't make fun of the man Marvin!

Sorry. I'm having grass problems of my own and you know what they say about misery loving company.

Besides, Chavik took his own topic off trac-tor ... and I just couldn't resist. Shame on me and hit me with a fish.

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I like the personal touch. Roll Call, Check, Say hi, have a cup of coffee. That sort of thing.

The terrible thing is I put my weedeater up because it looked like rain. I had even taken the key out so it wouldn't be so tempting. After putting my weedeater away I even looked at the tractor hard then went Nah! If I had done ANYTHING different I might still have it.

And I was gonna cut the grass that day. It needs it bad. With fertilizing and all the rain we've been having it's looking awfully scruffy. Time to go see if daddy's Lawn Boy still runs.

But Welcome Back Mordax!

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Not a shed that I can get to or use. The floor is in bad shape nowadays. And the ten foot gate I have to open to get to it lets my dogs out to terrorize the neighborhood. It's not like I abandoned the thing out by the street or in the middle of the yard. I had had it close to the front from when I washed the deck out. Then I just left it there to cut grass again.

Driving over to my parents I saw lot's of lawnmowers and tractors just sitting out. I was the unlucky one that day. I told my boss about it and he said they had gone up under his dad's carport to steal his. And my father told me that they will pull into a new home construction and steal a compressor while the guy is in the next room using a nail gun with the thing. That happened to one of my brother's coworkers.

I usually have it beside the house under a cover. But if they really wanted it they could have gotten from there too.

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