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August 2004 Insurgent Fleet Rollcall


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Hey guys, I'm gonna have to pass on any matches for this week and next. School just started and everything has gone to hell (quite literally) so I'm sort of frantic right now.

On the plus side, I have internet again, soooooo can't complain there.

I may play some UC MP sometime this weekend... every time I play though nobody is on...

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Oh yeah!!

Finally I was able to do my exam yesterday!

And my CPL/ME/IR (for noobs: Commercial Pilot's License, Multi Engine Rating and Instrument Rating) is in the pocket!

And no, not a 'lame' US FAA version, but a full blown JAR-FCL (read: the hard way) version!

Not to step on anyone toes, but come on, you guys don't even bother to intercept beacons, just home on them and you'll get there eventually. Just kidding! Relax...

Anyway! The Insurgents now have a real life pilot in their circle!

*bows deeply*

This one's on me!

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Congratulations Mordaxx!

The fence is for the dogs and security. Getting my tractor stolen kinda shook me a bit. The panel you see in the middle pic is one half of a 20 ft drive through gate I am making. When that is done I am going to take those stakes out of the ground and swing that welded wire around so it meets the other half of the gate and then a good portion of my back yard will be fenced in. The "gates" are actually panels from a pre fab dog kennel! The one up by the house has the walk through panel but is also hinged to the terminal post so I can unlatch the whole thing and swing it open to take my tractor in and out. I thought it was rather ingenious if I do say so myself.

Yeah I cheated. Daddy's chain saw. Axe? Paul Bunyan I ain't.

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Congrats Mordaxx.

Now get a license to drop para's and come to Texel Airport.


Chavik, here's a thought for when you're done with your fence.

Take a look at the fence to the right side in the join-picture on the BCS.

Take a picture of your fence at approx. the same angle and post it.

Sit back and see what happens.

Shohashi knows his beer.

Mordaxx, isn't the Grolsch brewery near your place?

[ 08-19-2004, 06:21 PM: Message edited by: dreadx ]

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Just went through my pm's to make some space.

Found this:


pm cruis -> me:

hey dread, one day soon I hope to be back. in the meantime my ship is a bc Mk2.

say hi to everyone for me.

That was 07/28/04.

So eehh, "hi" to everyone from cruis.

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