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September 2004 All Insurgent Roll Call


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I would like all Insurgents to please check in below. With multiplayer starting to kick in Chavik and I need all the available personnel we can get. We don't need any "dead wood" so to speak.

Therefore, anyone (in at least Bishamon, Eversor and Spectre fleets) that doesn't respond by the end of the month will be listed as MIA. If they haven't answered by the end of the next Roll Call, they will be removed from the Insurgent Fleet. They can always rejoin in the Fleet Database as long as the SC continues to have it open.

Balor and Bishamon fleets have the bulk of the active players. Eversor and Spectre are in dire need of members, so if we can get more recruited, so much the better.

Active Roster

Alric Rahl -

Chavik - Present

Cruis-In - Present

Dreadx - Present

Echo - Present

Eclipse - Present

El Che - Present

Finder1 - Present

Hasenau - Present

Kartoffel - Present

Mordax Blyrr - Present

Neograymatter - Present

Pugwash - Present

ShoHashi - Present

Stickman - Present

WeeGee - Present

MIA Roster


One last thing, if you haven't done so already please head on over to the Insurgent Central Command and register into the Forum please.

[ 09-09-2004, 10:52 AM: Message edited by: ShoHashi ]

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Beat me to it again. I had computer woes this time. It was getting kinda herky jerky when pulling down menus and stuff so last night I restored it to last friday (that helped the menu thing) and defragged it but it would not check disk. So I let it do it the next time it started (which was today) and it took about an hour and a half to do its thing. Hopefully it healed itself.

But I'm here and ready.

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Cruis.In, go ahead and select choose a different avatar and on the next page is the place to put a custom avatar. Seems like that's it. I was there the other night but I've slept since then.

Yup my power has been out since noon 16th. However a convenience store a mile from me has power so I can get ice to keep my drinks cold and my parents have power so I can post every so often.

Today, out of utter boredom, I put together a filing cabinet I've had for months. Nice wooden one from Big Lots with a side wing. Pretty nifty. Then to drown out the neighbors generator I mowed the lawn.

A casio 1.1" LCD television lasts 4 hours on fresh batteries.

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