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Too bad their aren't any caves on the planets, I could take a marine character and go up into the mountains of some far off planet, keeping an eye on the city below...and see if anybody comes along and causes trouble.....kinda like..the mountain hermit class. lol.....there are legends of the marine that comes down from the mountain in times of trouble.

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I posted this on one of the other threads but I thought it would do as well here.

I'm still a newbie here so take my comments for what they're worth. The way I see it a few guilds are ok, but we should stay away from a large organized coalition with dues and docking fees and rules of order and some such. BUT we should think about something along the lines of a union. Just enough to give us free reign on our OWN actions and enough to give each other support if needed. I mean if you're hired by some Gam riding in a Stormcarrier (nothing about you Herro Yuy) and he stiffs you for your fee after you complete the mission what are you going to do? I for one don't see me acting out my revenge with just a cruiser. But, maybe a few merc cruisers tagging together to go teach the offending commander a lesson that you DON'T stiff mercs. That way we don't become a free force to accomplish the dirty missions that others don't want to dirty thier hands, paws, claws, or whatever on. With this we still keep our Indie status and don't have to worry about becoming cannon fodder for everyone else. As for being enemies of the raiders, well if the cred is good, I'm there. I have a ship and crew to support and can't be bothered with principles and such. Conversly though, this hypothetical Mercs Union should also take a very dim view on someone jumping contract because the pay is good. Meaning if a Trader convoy hires you to do an escort and some Raiders fly in and offer you more money to work with them against said convoy, and you take it. Well then the union should come after YOU. Otherwise who would hire mercs later? As for vengence, well that doesn't pay. If Joe Merc on contract happens to leave your beloved ship a charred hulk orbiting Alpha Centuri like an asteroid, oh well. After you repair and refit you maybe working side by side with him and need his help (or him your help) and should get it. This also stands for fleets too. Remember we are the messengers and deliverers of the actions, not the originators. You may need our help some day and if you're hunting some of us down for a contract we did, you're less likely to be able to hire the cream of the crop for a mission that you need done. That is about all I have to say on the matter for now.

As well, please tell me if I have my sig right. I've just changed it, so I don't know yet.

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