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UCVs and Fleets

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Well I've got the ship stats but one thing I didn't notice is what ships are with what races. Can anyone clue me in? I've tried to play the BC3K game but I've been having one problem after another with it. I've been thinking about playing a Syrion and was wondering if anyone has any backround info (even if it's a spoiler) and knows what ships they normally use. Anything would be appreciated. Ya'll take it easy.

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Heh, i'll tell you of a ship you'll never get your hands on if you become Syrion...

It has 7 turrets

4 main guns

16 fighters

Is owned by the one and only supreme ruling race and will be the last thing you see if you come in contact with it on a 1v1....

Yes thats it, a StormCarrier


Since this really isn't my argument because us Gammulans don't talk with terrans, i'll just sit back and grab some popcorn

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Well, I'm back. Hopefully I got this sig done right along with my registration. From what I can tell we mercs just choose our ship type right? If I made a mistake in my signature please tell me, but be nice I am a newbie (along with the first Syrion as far as I can tell). We aren't the Borg, we don't want your stinking technology, and we have no use for your species' genetic distictiveness, so deal with it! LOL

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