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How many of you UCV Captains are already playing the game online? Were you guys able to form a standing fleet as per UCV and Fleets thread? If a standing UCV Merc fleet had been formed, how may I join? Other then playing online of course

The reason I'm asking this question is because EBWorld does not fulfill orders for Malaysia. So I still haven't got my copy of Battlecruiser Millenium and I'm chafing as my unability to play this much waited game online.

I guess I can understand the EBWorld's perspective as not many Malaysian's purchase original software as pirated software are cheaper. But dang since I came back from my studies in Australia, I've been unable to purchase any legit software.

The only one that I have is the Interplay Release of BC3000ad.

Anyway, here's hoping that EBWorld will clear a way for me to purchase BCM soon.

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Yeah, seriously. I won't take it against you though. I'll actually take the time to explain, for everyone who's been out of the loop lately.

BCM was originally slated for release in May. The current relese date is August 8 (EB World), because of some finishing touches to some of the engines (mostly the new terrain engine), and the dev team's determination to eliminate all bugs. See the VCF (Version Control File) for more info. It shows you the work in progress, and known bugs, in the current Beta version. The smaller those lists get, the closer we are to getting BCM released. Anyone have the link again? I seem to have lost it...

In the meantime, SC (Derek Smart, creator), has released 2 demos, and has released an extra mission for the 2nd demo. Also, a second extra mission is expected to be released around this weekend.


Multiplayer will not make it into the first release of BCM, due to more bugs, and the lack of serious stress testing. This will definitely make it into a patch soon after the game is released.


And to your first couple questions. Being the one who created the UCV's and Fleets thread, I can easily say that you obviously didn't read the posts, did you? The entire thread compares UCVs and Fleets; turned into more of an Indie Rights forum, in Chavik's words. Just read the damn thread.

For Newbies, and semi-lurkers:

Some Facts to Get Straight:

1. Fleets are only for GalCom, EarthCom, and the Insurgency. Otherwise, you're a UCV. If you want a UCV 'Fleet', then you're not a UCV.

2. A person under control of a ship is a Commander, not a Captain. That is a rank used in several fleets, but it is definitely not a universal rank. Also, Admiral is also a rank, only for use by the Insurgency.

And Cmdr. Eu, we still are in the middle of creating some sort of Trader/Commercial Corporation, and have also tried Mercenary/Assassin/Raider Guilds as well. All were unsuccessful. I've been trying to gain support to start one, but everyone's been really busy lately. Hopefully someone can help out, one of these days. I mean, I designed, and sent in the Police logo you see below, nearly 100% by myself. The first step for us UCV's to get guilds/corporations!


Finally, the SALES INFO PAGE has the proper links to buy BCM from. EB World for USA/Canada, and you can preorder directly from 3000ad for anywhere outside of North America.

I'll end with a pre-emptive "You're Welcome."

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